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Inside Charles Dickens Google Doodle: Celebrating Author's 200th Birthday

Today's Google Doodle honors the author of such iconic works as Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol on what would have been his 200th birthday. Here, find out which of his works the logo is referencing, what characters are sprinkled throughout the drawing, and what happens when you click on the Dickens Google Doodle.

Super Bowl 2012 Halftime Show: LMFAO Wore $1 Million Headphones [VIDEO]

LMFAO member SkyBlu dazzled onstage with Madonna at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, but his performance wasn't the only thing lighting up the stage: so were his diamond-encrusted Beats By Dre headphones, worth an estimated $1 million. Watch how the headphones were made here, and check out LMFAO's halftime performance.

Congressman Thinks Onion's Planned Parenthood 'Abortionplex' Article Is Real

In an effort to expose Planned Parenthood's advocacy of abortion by wholesale, Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) posted an article about a long-planned Abortionplex by the organization on Facebook. The only problem? His source was The Onion, a satirical news source, meaning everything in the incriminating piece was completely (and obviously) false.

Eli Manning: Elite Quarterback Tried To Stop Super Bowl Winning Touchdown

Seconds before running back Ahmad Bradshaw scored a Super Bowl-winning touchdown for the New York Giants, quarterback Eli Manning had been yelling at him to stop. I just yelled, 'Don't score, don't score,' Manning said Monday, admitting that he worried Bradshaw's bold move would end up giving the ball back to the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick Press Conference: Patriots Coach Talks Super Bowl 2012 [FULL TEXT]

Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, gave two press conferences last week: one before Super Bowl 2012, and one after. Get full transcripts of both here, and find out what he had to say about a possible retirement, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and what he would have done differently at the Super Bowl XLVI game.

When Is Super Bowl Parade 2012, and What Time Does It Start?

Mayor Bloomberg announced last night that New York City will host a victory parade for the Giants to celebrate their victory over the New England Patriots at Super Bowl 2012. But what day is the parade, and what time does it start? Find out everything you need to know here, and learn how to get free tickets to the ceremony at City Hall afterwards, when Bloomberg will present the New York Giants with keys to the city.

Costa Concordia Accident: Woman Who Miscarried Sues For 1 Million Euros

The Italian woman who miscarried after suffering severe psychological trauma aboard the sinking cruise ship is now suing Costa Cruises for 1 million euros, claiming the terror of the evacuation and the resultant lifeboat escape triggered her miscarriage. The 30-year-old, identified only as Cristina M from Milan, is one of several passengers suing Costa for the horrific accident, which may have claimed as many as 32 lives.

François Truffaut Google Doodle: 3 Tributes To New Wave Filmmaker [VIDEO]

Google has dedicated its front page to French film director, screenwriter and critic François Truffaut today, with a Google Doodle headed to the U.S. to celebrate what would have been his 80th birthday. Check out all three tributes to the iconic New Wave filmmaker here, and relive some of his best work through clips of The 400 Blows, L'Enfant Sauvage and Day For Night.

Kelly Clarkson Sings 'Rousing' National Anthem at Super Bowl 2012 [VIDEO]

Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem before Sunday's Super Bowl game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, and singer proved that she could give a rousing performance without missing any of the lyrics, a mistake Christina Aguilera made in 2011. Watch Clarkson's performance and compare it to Aguilera's here.

Nevada Caucus 2012 Results: Where to Get Live Updates

Find out where to watch a live stream of the 2012 Nevada caucus, how to get live updates and where to get the results of early exit polls in the Republican race as Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum battle for delegates in the Silver State.

Ron Paul Tramples Rick Santorum In Recent Nevada Caucus Poll

Ron Paul has shot ahead of Rick Santorum in the latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll of likely voters in the Nevada Republican caucus, garnering twice as much support from Republican-leaning voters as the former Pennsylvania senator. Paul's rise is a dramatic turnaround from an earlier poll that set the Texas congressman in fourth place.

Nuns Storm Super Bowl 2012 to Stop Sex Trafficking: 'We Will Be Watching'

The New York Giants and the New England Patriots aren't the only ones ready for Super Bowl Sunday: so are eleven orders of nuns, all determined to fight the surge of underage sex trafficking that accompanies the NFL event each year. The nuns have been prepping for Indianapolis since training camp began last summer, and have one target firmly in their sights: the hundreds of hotel rooms rented out for Super Bowl XLVI.

Roseanne Barr For President: Would You Vote For Her On Green Party Ticket? [POLL]

Roseanne Barr, the comedian best known for 1980s sitcom Roseanne, is putting her name in for the 2012 presidential election. As a candidate for the Green Party nomination, the 59-year-old actress emphasizes her support for Occupy Wall Street and her disdain for patriarchal politics. But who would actually vote for the comedian for president?

Roseanna Barr For President 2012: Inside Green Party Bid By U.S. Comedian

It's no joke: Roseanne Bar, the comedian best known for '80s sitcom Roseanne, is running for the Green Party's nomination in a bid to become President of the United States. What's her platform? How is she ranked among the other Green Party candidates? And does Roseanne Barr actually have a chance?

Planned Parenthood Vs. Komen: Bloomberg Pledges $250,000 to Balance Funding Cuts

Billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has pledged to give $250,000 to Planned Parenthood to offset the Susan G. Komen Foundation's decision to cut funds to the health center for breast cancer screenings, a decision that some say was based on a rule put in place for the express purpose of catering to pro-life opposition to the sexual and reproductive health organization.

Newt Gingrich: Joe Paterno Taught Me to Be 'Head Coach' of House [VIDEO]

Back in 1998, when Newt Gingrich was still speaker and Joe Paterno was a living legend at Penn State, the Republican politician revealed that the football coach had given him advice on how to govern the U.S. House of Representatives (watch here), including viewing his fellow GOP congressmen as assistant coaches, like the now-infamous Jerry Sandusky.

Ron Paul Campaign: Trump Endorsed 'Arch Enemy of All Republicans'

The Ron Paul campaign has sent out an e-mail to reporters blasting Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney, claiming Trump endorsed the arch enemy of all Republicans by previously backing Harry Reid. Asking the media to note the delicious irony of the real estate mogul backing Romney as a nominee, Ron Paul's campaign e-mail went viral even before Trump made his endorsement official.

Why Kim Dotcom Has a Case: The Truth Behind The Megaupload Indictment

Before the Justice Department went after Megaupload, a corporation called Viacom decided to sue YouTube and its parent, Google. Here's why the two cases aren't as different as you think... and why the prosecutors who wrote the indictment against Kim Dotcom are hoping you won't find out.

Punxsutawney Phil: 7 More Animals Who Can Predict The Future [PHOTOS]

From sensing earthquakes to picking winners for the year's World Cup or Super Bowl, these seven animals, which include an octopus, a sheep and a crocodile put Punxsutawney Phil's Groundhog Day 2012 prediction to shame. Find out what animal knows when you're going to die, which creature can help you in the stock market, and what animal can predict the future of a national election.

iPad 3 Release Date 2012: Apple Plans 'Strange' February Event Before March Launch

Insiders report that Apple will be host a strange event in February involving the iPad 3, ahead of the tablet's release in early or mid-March. After some of the tablet's specs were leaked earlier this week, tech analysts are scrambling to discover what this unusual event will entail. Find out everything we know about the February showcase here, which Japanese publication Macotakara says will not be a simple product unveiling.

Rick Tyler: Gingrich Backer Airs 'Black Genocide' Theory on MSNBC [VIDEO]

Tyler, a senior strategist for super PAC Winning Our Future and a former Gingrich aide, accused MSNBC of race baiting on Tuesday, and the Democratic Party of failing the black community on economic and social issues. But when Rachel Maddow and Rev. Al Sharpton challenged his argument, Tyler ended up playing into one of the most racially charged conspiracy theories out there: the Black Genocide theory.



The Tax Filing Platform Catering to America's Growing Expat Community

With tax season in high gear as millions of Americans navigate the complexities of the tax code, one segment of the population is often overlooked for the unique challenges they face when filing their tax returns. American expats living across the globe whether it be for work, pleasure or family obligations, contend with the same tax requirements as their fellow citizens living stateside except in some cases they often have to file additional paperwork as well as a more costly filing process.

US House Republicans Launch Investigation Of Manhattan DA In Trump Probe

U.S. House of Representatives Republicans went on the offensive on Monday against a possible criminal indictment against Donald Trump, launching an investigation into the New York City prosecutor who is probing allegations that the former president paid hush money to a porn star ahead of the 2016 election.