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Dr. Francesca Minerva: After-Birth Abortion Article Defended After Death Threats

The Oxford University ethicist has been receiving death threats after co-writing an article arguing that killing newborns should be as permissible as getting an abortion. The paper, written with Dr. Alberto Giubilini and titled After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? has been vigorously defended by the editor of Journal of Medical Ethics as a crucial contribution to academic discussion.

Tennessee Principal Dorothy Bond to Gay Students: 'You're Going To Hell' [VIDEO]

The Haywood County High School principal is under fire for a series of offensive remarks she made during a school assembly, telling pregnant girls that their life is over and gay students that they were damning their souls. Although many parents are outraged by Bond's comments, other residents have come to the principal's defense. HRC and the ACLU are both pressing the Haywood County School District for action.

Andrew Breitbart: A Life In 20 Controversial, Bombastic, Uncompromising Quotes

From the Great Society to the Tea Party, mentor Matt Drudge to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, the conservative Internet mogul delighted in his ability to shock, offend and infuriate the mainstream media and prominent politicians on the left. Here, read Breitbart's most famous and infamous quotes on everyone from Clarence Thomas to Shirley Sherrod.

'Matilda The Musical': Roald Dahl Classic Headed to Broadway [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Matilda Wormwood is coming to Broadway. Roald Dahl's classic book, Matilda, is slated for New York theaters after a critically and commercially successful run in London's West End. Watch clips from the musical and the trailer here, and see photos from the set and during live performances of Matilda: The Musical.

'Dancing With the Stars' 2012: Season 14 Cast Strengths and Weaknesses [PHOTOS]

Dancing with the Stars will be back on March 19 on ABC, and the hit reality show has just released a full cast list featuring stars like Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, Urkel actor Jaleel White and Motown icon Gladys Knight. Who will win DWTS Season 14, and what are the competitors' strengths and weaknesses? Click through our slideshow to find out.

Romney Takes Michigan, Arizona Votes; Is Inevitability Back?

Mitt Romney scored victories in both of Tuesday's Republican primarie in Michigan -- his native state -- and Arizona. The wins reposition the former Massachusetts governor as his party's front-runner and could prompt a rethink of rival Rick Santorum's candidacy.

Arizona Republican Primary Results 2012: Where To Watch Live

Find out when and where to watch live coverage of the primary results, including what live blogs to check out, how to follow the race on social media sites like Twitter. Arizona Republicans are casting their votes today for the 2012 GOP primary, with polls closing at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Ohio School Shooting 2012: T.J. Lane's Father Guilty Of Horrific Domestic Violence

Geauga County court records show that Lane's father, Thomas Lane Jr., has been arrested multiple times for increasingly violent crimes against women, and may have been abusive towards T.J. as well. Family lawyer Bob Farinacc, meanwhile, described the Chardon High School shooting suspect as very, very scared and extremely remorseful, saying his client was as stunned by his actions as those who witnessed them were.

Who is T.J. Lane? 5 Things to Know About Chardon High School Shooting Suspect

T.J. Lane, 17, has been arrested after the Ohio high school shooting, an attack on Monday that left two students fatally wounded and three others seriously injured. Here's everything we know so far, from his mysterious surrender to what students have said about his home life, his friends and his motives for Monday's attack.

Chardon High School Shooting: Russell King Jr., 'Quick With Smile,' Dies After Ohio Attack

Another victim of the Chardon High School shooting, Russell King Jr.,died in the early hours of the morning after the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed that he was completely brain dead. King Jr., 17, is the second victim in yesterday's shooting at an Ohio high school after 17-year-old T.J. Lane opened fire in the Chardon High School cafeteria. The first victim, Daniel Parmertor, was declared dead Monday evening.

Is T.J. Lane the Chardon High School Shooter? Facebook Rant, Twitter Photos Leaked Online

Several of the suspect's classmates have identified the gunman as Thomas T.J. Lane, a sophomore or junior at Lake Academy, a nearby school for at-risk children. A Facebook rant leaked online, and several Twitter photos that appear to show the teen brandishing handguns for a webcam, seem to prove that he is the shooter. Officials, however, have yet to release any information about the suspect's identity.

Chardon High School Shooting Suspect In Custody, Called 'Outcast' Student By Peers

Sources confirm that a suspect has been taken into custody in the Chardon High School shooting. A lone gunman, reportedly an outcast student at the school, opened fire in the cafeteria around 7:30 a.m., injuring four before he fled and was arrested by local police. Students who witnessed the attack said the suspect was a loner who was frequently in trouble, but police have yet to confirm anything about the suspect's identity.

Chardon High School Shooting: Up To 5 Students Injured As Gunman Opens Fire In Cafeteria

At least four students have been injured in a school shooting at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio, with at least one suspect in custody after two gunmen reportedly burst into the school's cafeteria and opened fire. Police are reportedly looking for the second suspect. The first has been confirmed by student testimony as a fellow classmate at the high school.

'The Artist' Wins Best Picture At Oscars 2012: Which Movie Was Your Pick? [POLL]

The Artist won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of The Year at the 84th annual Academy Awards. The Artist swept the Oscars ceremony, with wins for Jean DuJardin for Best Actoe and Michel Hazanavicius for Best Director. But was it your pick for Best Picture? Let us know who you felt deserved the Oscar by voting in our poll.

Academy Awards 2012 Drinks: The Oscars Drinking Game

The 84th annual Academy Awards show starts Sunday at 8:00 p.m., hosted by Billy Crystal and featuring Best Picture nominees like The Help, The Artist and Hugo. For those looking to celebrate the winners (and those hoping to drink through much of the ceremony), check out our Oscars 2012 drinking game here, and find out what to do if a winner kisses a presenter, if a muppet appears on stage, or if someone drops their Oscar.

'Downton Abbey' Season 3 Hits Twitter: Shirley MacLaine Tweets Updates From Set

MacLaine, who will play Lady Cora's mother in season three of the PBS-Masterpiece show, has begun to post Twitter updates from the England set to help Downton Abbey fans eager to learn about season three now that the second season finale has aired. Check out her Twitter posts here, and get season three spoilers from the cast and crew.

Kate Walsh Naked For Shape Magazine: 10 Iconic Nude Cover Spreads [PHOTOS]

Kate Walsh is the latest celebrity to pose nude for a magazine cover, but she's far from the only star to strip naked for a shoot. Whether to titillate or to challenge, to inspire readers or simply to express themselves, check out ten more stars who have bared all for some of the most iconic and controversial magazine covers in history.

Fat Cat 'Pudding' Saves Wisconsin Woman's Life Hours After Being Adopted

When Amy Jung began to have a life-threatening diabetic reaction, she had no idea that the pet she had just adopted, a 21-pound orange and white cat named Pudding, would be the one to save her life. When she began to have a seizure the night she brought him home, Pudding jumped onto her bed and woke her up before running to her son's room to sound the alarm. Pudding is now being trained as a therapy animal.



Top SEO Companies for 2023

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