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Martin Luther King Jr. Last Speech: 'I've Been to The Mountaintop' [VIDEO & FULL TEXT]

Most people commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day turn to his iconic I Have a Dream speech. But King gave another famous speech the night before he died, known as the Promised Land or Mountaintop speech. In it, he alluded to his imminent assassination and the legacy he would leave behind. Listen to the audio file, watch the video, and read the full text of Dr. King's final speech here.

Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes: From 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' to 'Why We Can't Wait'

Dr. King remains one of the most iconic figures of the Civil Rights Movement and one of the most recognizable and quotable men in American history. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, remember the man and his beliefs through some of his most famous and moving quotes, from I Have a Dream to his views on the Vietnam war to his unwavering belief in the strength and love of his fellow man.

Costa Concordia Accident: Irish Couple Relives Cruise Ship Sinking [VIDEO]

We're presuming now that some of the people we met on the boat didn't make it. As the Costa Concordia, one of a line of luxury Italian cruise ships, sank into the Mediterranean, Seamus and Carol Moore prepared for the possibility that they would die. Read their harrowing story of the sinking of the Costa Concordia, which many are already comparing to the sinking of the Titanic, here.

'Sarah Kustok, I Love You:' Awkward Blackhawks Fan Hits on CSN Reporter [VIDEO]

Greg from Lemont gave CSN's Sarah Kustok the shock of her life when he confessed his love for the sideline reporter during her Shoot the Puck segment at last night's Blackhawks vs. Minnesota game (watch here). Later, Kustok joked that she was off the market after Greg's declaration, saying she was prepping for a blind marriage instead of a blind date with the besotted fan.

Veterans Stage 'Eat In' to Support Vandalized Iraqi Restaurant [VIDEO]

A group of U.S. veterans from Veterans for Peace decided to stage an eat in to show solidarity with an Iraqi family in Lowell, Mass. after Babylon restaurant, their family eatery, had a 20-pound rock thrown through its window in an apparent hate crime. This solidarity gives us the courage to stand, owner Ahmed Al-Zubaydi said. There is no more fear in my heart because there are such nice people behind us.

Eric James Borges: Gay Teen, Trevor Project Intern Commits Suicide

Borges, 19, took his own life Wednesday after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his family and peers, just one month after making an It Gets Better video for the Trevor Project. But the aspiring filmmaker didn't just leave behind an appeal to LGBTQ youth: he also left Invisible Creatures (watch here), an ode to love and acceptance across the sexuality spectrum.

Katy Perry's Dad Keith Hudson Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Rant

Perry's father has issued a public apology for his ugly comments about Jews during one of his sermons at the Church on the Rise last week. The evangelical preacher, who insists he is not anti-Semitic, admitted his insinuation that Jews were money-obsessed and greedy was rooted in the worst anti-Semitism in the past, images that at times led to the persecution and murder of Jews. Katy Perry has yet to comment on the controversy.

Luke Travers, Delbarton Headmaster, Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Two Ex-Students

The Benedictine monk is under investigation after a letter alleging two teenaged victims while he was headmaster at Delbarton prep school in New Jersey in the 1980s and 1990s was sent to the Virginia abbey where he serves as administrator. Although church officials claim he has been under investigation since June, his replacement at the abbey claims the church was told nothing until the letter arrived.

'When Mitt Romney Came to Town': What to Know About Gingrich Attack [VIDEO]

A Gingrich PAC is using clips from anti-Romney documentary King of Bain: When Mitt Romney Came to Town to go after the GOP frontrunner, calling him a corporate raider who gutted companies for profit (watch here). But where did the documentary come from? What was Romney's response to the film? And was Gingrich involved in its production? Here's everything you need to know about the controversial documentary.

Kris Jenner Calls Khloe Kardashian Rumor 'Crap,' Insists Robert Is Father

Jenner blasted her late husband's ex wife and widow for claiming Robert Kardashian was not Khloe's real father, calling the women's interview with Star magazine absurd. I was there, she said. I know who the dad was. Khloe took to Twitter yesterday to vent her own outrage, calling her stepmoms disgusting.

Hazel Jones: UK Woman Has Two Vaginas, Lost Virginity Twice [VIDEO]

Jones, 27, celebrates her quirky condition, and is so at peace with her body that she visits local fetish clubs with her husband. She thinks her two vaginas, caused by a one in a million condition called uterus didelphys, are amazing, and calls it an ice breaker at parties. Watch the full interview here, and find out how Hazel Jones came to embrace her unique condition.

Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime Movie: Can She Pull It Off?

Lohan, 25, is in talks to play the iconic actress in Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, which will center on the stormy relationship between Taylor and actor Richard Burton. Fans of the screen legend are already up in arms about Lohan's casting, but others note striking similarities between the two, and feel the Playboy centerfold might not be a bad casting call after all.

Who is Olivier Martinez? Halle Berry Engaged to Actor Boyfriend

Halle Berry is reportedly engaged to the French actor after he proposed over the holidays. But who is fiance Olivier Martinez? How did the couple start dating? Why has Berry decided to try marriage a third time, and does Martinez's ex Kylie Minogue approve? Here's everything you need to know about Halle Berry's fiance.

Ron Paul New Hampshire Primary Speech [FULL TEXT]

Texas Rep. Paul spoke with supporter in New Hampshire last night after placing second in the 2012 primary, behind former governor Mitt Romney. Read the full text of Paul's speech here, where he claimed victory for the cause of liberty and said his campaign was nipping at [Romney's] heels.

Mitt Romney in New Hampshire: Inside a Winning Campaign

Get a glimpse inside Romney's headquarters for the 2012 New Hampshire primary, and meet some of the volunteers who helped him get elected. Then, travel with IBTimes to the results party, where Romney's family greeted supporters and promised to turn the Granite State red. What drew New Hampshire to Romney? Why do voters believe he'll make the best president?

New Hampshire Primary Results: Breaking Down Mitt Romney's Historic Win

Romney won a significant victory in New Hampshire Tuesday, carrying the open primary and becoming the first Republican to win both New Hampshire and Iowa in the primaries since 1976. But more remarkable than Romney's 2012 win is whose votes gave him the victory: Romney supporters crossed every demographic, from age brackets to ideological concerns.

Vietnamese Man Has 200-Pound Tumor Removed From Leg [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Nguyen Duy Hai, 31, is in stable condition after a tumor twice his weight was removed from his right leg. The operation, headed by U.S. surgeon McKay McKinnon, successfully removed the tumor after 12 hours in the OR. But how did the tumor get to be that size? According to McKinnon, Hai has neurofibromatosis, a disease that causes disfiguring tumors to form on nerves throughout the body.

Logan Kushner: Vigil Tonight, K2 'Likely Played Role' in Clearwater Drowning

A candlelight vigil for 19-year Logan Kushner, who drowned after smoking a synthetic drug called K2, will be held tonight at Kapok Park. K2 was banned in Florida last year, but a legal loophole means synthetic marijuana is still sold at drugstores across the state, including the Clearwater, Fla. store where Kushner and a friend bought the drug early Sunday morning.

Tony Blankley Dies at 63: Gingrich Remembers Former Press Secretary [VIDEO]

Blankley, who earned the name The Speaker's Speaker while working with Newt Gingrich in the 1990s, has died at age 62 of stomach cancer. Blankley served in the Reagan administration, and was a noted author, conservative columnist and editor at The Washington Times. Watch Gingrich remember his ally and friend, and read others' remembrances of the conservative wunderkind.

Mitt Romney's Mexican Heritage: Polygamist Ancestors Fled Across Border

If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination, he'll not only be the first Mormon to do so: he'll also be the first presidential candidate whose father was born in Mexico. Much of his family still lives across the border in Colonia Dublan, where Romney's grandfather fled to avoid being prosecuted for polygamy. Romney's relatives down south hope that as the election continues, he will embrace both his Mormonism and his Mexican background more openly.

Is Sienna Miller Pregnant With Tom Sturridge's Baby? Details Here

US Weekly reports that Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge are expecting their first child together, and both the actors' reps have been coy about the rumors. According to insiders, the pair has no plans to be married, and there's even talk that Robert Pattinson could be the baby's godfather. Get all the details here.

Jon Gruden: Michelle Obama Mistaken for ESPN Reporter at Orange Bowl [VIDEO]

The commentator and former Buccaneers coach made a big gaffe at the Clemson-West Virginia Orange Bowl when he mistook a photo of the First Lady for a picture of ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters (watch here). Nor was Gruden's flub the only awkward moment: Darwin Cook plowed into the Orange Bowl mascot and only later realized that Obie was a girl.

Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Demolishes $12 Million Florida Mansion

Elin Nordegren has torn down the mansion she bought with her divorce settlement, demolishing the North Palm Beach mansion in order to make way for a dream home she'll design. The Swedish former model's budding romance with billionaire Jamie Dingman, and the old home's proximity to a world-famous golf course, may have influenced her decision to scrap the mansion rather than remodel it.

Ogden Utah Police Shooting: Suspect Matthew Stewart Is War Veteran

A shootout in Ogden, Utah last night saw one police officer killed and five wounded after a search warrant by an anti-drug task force turned ugly. Suspect Matthew Stewart, the alleged shooter, is a U.S. war veteran, and was suffering from depression and self-medicating when the officers raided his house.

Penn State Sandusky Memos: 'We Are Taking Control of the Narrative'

A series of memos from the days following Jerry Sandusky's arrest show the PSU board of trustees and President Erickson were focused more on donor funding and maintaining secrecy than on the abuse that allegedly took place. The four memos detail Penn State's efforts to monitor its image, as well as adjust to a new university president.