iPad 3 Expert Predictions on Features: Larger Battery, Improved GPU; But Same Form Factor with No Quad-Core
iPad 3 Expert Predictions on Features: Larger Battery, Improved GPU; But Same Form Factor with No Quad-Core Courtesy

Now that the iPad 3 release date has been largely confirmed for March 2012, a new report about a strange event involving the product is now traveling through the Internet rumor mill.

'Strange Event' in February

According to AppleInsider, Japanese publication Macotakara informed tech fans last month that Apple would hold an event in February specifically to unveil the iPad 3 and iOS 5.1, citing an Asian supplier and an inside source in the U.S.

Now, however, Macotakara blogger Danbo has revealed that the site's original post only told a half-side of the truth.

Apple will be holding an event in February involving the iPad 3, but it won't be a full product launch, or a typical showcase of the upcoming tablet's possible features.

Instead, Macotakara is dropping the cryptic hint that a 'Strange' Event in February will come before a Special Event to launch the third-generation iPad in early March.'

Danbo was unable to provide many details on what this strange event would entail, and what makes it so different from a typical product unveiling. All he would say was that it would not be a standard event.

Apple's Options

In the aftermath of the newest Apple rumor, tech bloggers are scrambling to figure out just what Apple might be showcasing or revealing this month, and why the strange February event would just be a simple unveiling of the iPad 3.

One possibility, highlighted by AppleInsider, is that the February event may be limited to industry announcements similar to the January education event hosted in New York City.

That event marked the release of the iBooks 2 and the iBooks Author, but didn't end up showing either of the actual products.

Another possibility is that Apple will be launching another product at this strange event, in order to build up the hype for new iProducts in general.

A new iPod Nano device with a camera, a complete iTunes overhaul or the official launch of the iBooks 2 have all been suggested by www.knowyourmobile.com.

What to Know About iPad 3

Macotakara's cryptic hints may end up doing more harm than good to those Apple fans eager to learn the latest about the iPad 3. After all, rumors of a strange event from inside sources could mean anything, and may not even be reliable.

But Macotakara's more recent reports have been confirmed by other sources lately, and its assertion that the iPad 3 will launch in early to mid-March is supported by sources at Bloomberg and by tech analysts.

In the meantime, Apple fanboys and girls can satisfy their need for new iPad 3 information by looking into the newest leak, which hints at two models, a quad-core A6 processor, and global LTE, and by reading our rundown of everything we know so far.

And whatever happens at the strange event Apple is hosting in February, it's sure to give their customer plenty to obsess over until the iPad 3's launch in March.

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