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Egyptian Court Suspends Presidential Elections

The administrative court suspended the election after it emerged the date had been wrongly set by an independent electoral commission, and not by the military council who rule the country.

UK Unemployment Will Rise For Five Years, Warns CEBR

According to the think-tank, a generally weaker economic outlook for a longer period in the UK, and revised jobless forecasts mean that only the affluent areas of London, the South East and East of England will escape the trend.

Suicide Bombers Kill 13 In Dagestan

The two car bombs exploded outside a police station in Makhachkala, one at an ID checkpoint and another 20 minutes later when the area was swarming with rescue workers, troops and firefighters.

Syria: Assad Forces Kill Students In Raid On University

Security forces and pro-regime gunmen were called in to break up anti-government demonstrations in the city's main university complex after approximately 1,500 students began protesting in the main campus late on Wednesday.

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 13 'Militants' in Yemen

The strike in Abyan province is the latest in a series of attacks on al-Qaeda targets in the troubled Arabian state, which is battling Islamists Ansar al-Sharia (Partisans of Islamic Law) who have won a string of humiliating victories over government troops.