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Mali: Junta 'Regains Control' After Counter-Coup

The controlling militia issued a statement on Tuesday saying they were in control of key sites around the capital, including the state broadcasting building, the airport, and a major military base in Kati.

Rebel Fugitive Kony Hiding In Sudan Border Area: Uganda

Kony, who rose to infamy after featuring in a web video by U.S. advocacy group Invisible Children, is still conducting the brutal campaign of rape, mutilation and abduction with his Lord's Resistance Army from the remote jungle areas, Aronda Nyakairima said.

Syria: At Least 20 Killed In Suicide Bombings

The two suicide bombers, thought to be members of the armed opposition to President Bashar al-Assad, detonated their devices in near the Air Force Intelligence headquarters and the Military Intelligence building, wounding over 100 others.

Italian Tax Police Recover ?6 Billion in Evasion Crackdown

The country's tax police said they caught more than 2,100 people who had failed to pay their taxes for at least a year, including a car dealer who ran his business out of his home and an accountant who concealed 13 million euros in taxes.

Romanian Government Falls On Austerity Vote

The vote comes amid widespread public anger over tough austerity measures and allegations of corruption, with 235 lawmakers voting against the government - four more than was needed to topple Ungureanu.

Murdoch Denies Using Political Influence To Benefit UK Media Empire

Speaking before Levenson inquiry, Murdoch's denial of widespread political leverage by his News Corporation stable of publications and TV channels came as British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted politicians on all sides of the political spectrum had become too close to the Media mogul.

Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Fund 'Defrauded' Of $6 Billion

The fuel sector probe -- which will be discussed in a live televised parliamentary session -- uncovered a litany of abuses, including allegations that fifteen oil importers collected more than $300 million without delivering a single drop of oil.

North Korea Nuclear Test 'Ready Soon': Report

The unnamed source said the North had almost completed preparations for the nuclear test, which if it went ahead would draw strong international condemnation and further isolate the impoverished state from its sole major ally, China.

Iran's Ahmadinejad Warns U.S., Israel Against Attack

In a veiled reference to the United States and Israel's refusal to rule out military action against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program, Ahmadinejad added that foreign interference would destabilize the entire region.

U.S. And China Hold Secret Cyber War Games

Last year, representatives from the State Department and the Pentagon took part in two exercises with their Chinese counterparts where they had to describe what they would do if it emerged the other side was behind the release of a sophisticated computer virus damaging national assets.



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