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Greece Election 2012 - 'Referendum' On The Euro

At stake is the country's continued membership in the euro currency, and the future of the euro zone itself. Here is our handy guide to the key events and implications you can expect going forward.

Iran to Meet U.N. for New Nuclear Talks in June

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano said two weeks ago he expected a framework co-operation deal to be signed with Iran when he returned to Vienna from a rare trip to Tehran.

Why US Manufacturers Don't Care About The Euro Crisis

As the risk of a messy Greek exit from the euro and a general breakup of the euro zone spark global slowdown fears, panicked investors have fled the troubled euro to safe havens such as U.S. treasuries and, crucially, the dollar.

Iran Finds 'Fix' For Flame Cyber-Weapon

According to experts, the virus is so complex it could have only been created by a nation state - leading to speculation it was launched by the United States or Israel to damage or spy on the region's governments.

EU Sues Argentina For 'Protectionism' As Trade Row Deepens

The European Union has filed a suit with the World Trade Organization against Argentina?s import restrictions, raising the dispute between the EU and the South American nation only weeks after Buenos Aires nationalized Spanish oil firm Repsol?s subsidiary in the country.

Spain's Bankia Suspends Shares On Bailout Rumors

Bankia, Spain's fourth largest bank, reportedly asked for the suspension ahead of a board meeting on Friday afternoon aimed at redrawing its accounts for 2011 and submitting a plan to bolster its finances.

Iran Agrees To Resume Nuclear Talks Next Month In Moscow

The talks between the permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany (P5+1) ended in Baghdad after two days of tough negotiations surrounding Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program, which Iran had threatened to walk out of following the P5+1's refusal to scale back economic sanctions.

EU Leaders Warn Greece: Stick To Austerity Or Leave Euro

Speaking at a summit in Brussels, the heads of Germany and several EU institutions all urged the debt-stricken country to stick to the deeply unpopular tax hikes, labor reforms and welfare cuts that have divided Greece and pushed it to the brink of exiting the currency union.

Iran Begins Crunch Baghdad Nuclear Talks With World Powers

The talks between representatives of the U.S., Russia, France, Britain, Germany, China and Iran are aimed at diffusing rising tension in the region, with Iran seeking a reprieve from crippling sanctions imposed on its energy and banking sectors.