Articles by Owen Davis

Reporting on Wall Street and finance for International Business Times.


The Software Economy

The digital technology sector occupies a central role in the economy — accounting for 6 percent of total U.S. gross domestic product, new data confirm. But its impact on employment is less certain.

The Euro’s Rejects

There are seven countries in the European Union that must adopt the currency one day but remain in limbo. Here’s why they’re still not on board.

Fed To Big Banks: Break It Up

Federal Reserve officials outlined Thursday how new federal requirements on the largest banks could force major financial institutions to split up.

May Jobs Report: Three Key Questions

Friday’s jobs report is the last one Fed officials will see before their June meeting. From Verizon strikers to wages, here’s what they might be watching for.

US Economic Growth Revised Higher

The Commerce Department said U.S. gross domestic product in the first quarter grew at a 0.8 percent pace, up from the previous estimate of 0.5 percent.



Red Sox Target Bullpen Help

Boston has the best record in baseball put the bullpen may be in need of some new additions ahead of the postseason.