Resident Evil 7
"Resident Evil 7" will be playable in 4K and HDR when it launches in January 2017. Capcom

Capcom has confirmed that “Resident Evil 7” will indeed come with some weapons allowing players to fight enemies. However, there is a catch: weapons will be scattered and hidden throughout the game.

One of the biggest worries that fans have with “Resident Evil 7” was that it may not have combat elements — a staple in the series. When the game was first revealed to be in first-person view, many drew comparisons to “Outlast,” the horror game that focuses on stealth and running away from enemies. With the game’s demo receiving its last update recently, it also introduced the handgun, confirming that it will still have combat elements.

As for the main game, there are still some people questioning the extent of combat in the game. Luckily, producer Masachika Kawata recently confirmed that “Resident Evil 7” will have a full arsenal of weapons. “You’re going to be pitted up in situations where you’re still going to have to fight. You’re going to get a nice arsenal of weaponry. So that element you’re not going to see too much of a difference,” Kawata told GamingBolt.

“The one thing I do want to point out though is the fact that the weapons aren’t going to be that easy to find. So until you find them and have that advantage, you’re probably going to be running around considerably a lot more,” Kawata added.

Going by what Kawata said, it does seem like players will be forced to run around and hide from enemies for the early parts of the game, as pointed out by Shack News. Based on one of the screenshots below, it also appears as though that some items will require a specific key in order to get them.

Resident Evil 7
A screenshot from "Resident Evil 7" showing a health upgrade locked inside a bird cage. Capcom

Ammunition will most likely be scarce as well. Players are expected to be resourceful as much as possible in “Resident Evil 7.” This also forces players to choose between fighting or running away. The game will also feature several puzzles. Another possible scenario is that players may be rewarded with a more powerful weapon if they solve a puzzle.

It seems as though Capcom is listening to its fans as “Resident Evil 7” appears to be moving away from the action-adventure elements from 4, 5 and 6 and going back to its survival-horror roots. “Resident Evil 7” is scheduled to be released on Jan. 24, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.