Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo receives its last software update and it features the true ending. Capcom

One of the biggest mysteries in the “Resident Evil 7” Beginning Hour demo is the dummy finger, which has dumbfounded fans ever since it was launched back in June. With the last update to the demo having been rolled out over the weekend, the mystery of the item has now been solved.

Capcom released the “Midnight” update to the “Resident Evil 7” demo on the PlayStation Store this weekend, and it included new areas in the Baker house to explore. The update to the demo also included two new endings which players can now accomplish, one of which is the “True ending” that can be acquired by escaping through the attic window without being infected by the monster in the basement.

Despite the fact that the “Midnight” update finally included a real ending for the demo, many fans are still wondering what the dummy finger is for. Luckily, one Reddit user (BruhTheShark) was able to finally solve the mystery, which apparently requires 34 steps. Some of the steps are very specific, while others are a bit vague, as pointed out by Polygon.

The requirements to solve the dummy finger puzzle are complex, and the average player wouldn’t have been able to solve it without some help. Players must start a fresh new run of the “Resident Evil 7” demo and follow BruhTheShark’s instructions as listed. He notes that some people have been able to solve the puzzle by skipping some of the steps, while others have reported that it doesn’t work even when they follow all of it. It’s possible some players have a bug on their copy of their demo.

Like Konami’s now-cancelled “P.T.,” the puzzle requires players to do some ridiculous tasks in order to get five sound effects. Once the player is able to get the five creepy sound effects, they can now open a new door splattered with blood in the attic. YouTuber SwingPoynt just uploaded a 38-minute video following BruhTheShark’s steps, and he showed that it actually works.

The blood-splattered door room will simply have a rocking chair with a sign that says “You’re the best ever!” The sign also has the item called Dirty Coin which the player can get. The Dirty Coin item can be transferred into the main game for another easter egg, according to Eurogamer.

“Resident Evil 7” is scheduled to be released on Jan. 24, 2017 and will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC. The Beginning Hour demo will be available for the Xbox One on Dec. 9, while the PC will get it on Dec. 19, according to GameSpot.