Resident Evil 7
"Resident Evil 7" will be playable in 4K and HDR when it launches in January 2017. Capcom

Capcom has revealed that “Resident Evil 7” will be getting a Gamestop exclusive collector’s edition which will sell for $180. The package comes with the game itself along with six special items as well as a miniature mansion.

The mansion is an incredibly detailed 8-inch tall model replica of the Baker plantation property in the “Resident Evil 7” campaign. The replica comes with some LED lighting and its own speakers. The replica also functions as a creepy little music box that plays a sample of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” the main theme of the game. The LED lights will provide some effects when playing the music, according to Engadget.

Resident Evil 7 Collector's Edition
The collector's edition includes 4GB USB flash drive molded into the mysterious dummy finger from the Beginning Hour demo. Capcom

As for the rest of the “Resident Evil 7” collector’s edition’s contents, it comes with a steel book for the game’s disc, a lithograph showing the Baker family, a VHS tape box and a “creepy note” with the message “I shall dash you against the stones.”

The VHS tape box will be for housing most of the package’s contents including the dummy finger containing a 4GB flash drive. The note, the VHS and the dummy finger are all items that can be found within the Beginning Hour demo which was released back in June.

The “Resident Evil 7” collector’s edition appears to have been made in partnership with Project Triforce, the same company responsible for box sets from “Halo,” “Mass Effect” and “Battelfield,” according to GameSpot. The upcoming box set will go on sale on Jan. 24, 2017, the same date when the game is released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, the collector’s edition won’t be available for the PC.

This special collector’s edition of “Resident Evil 7” will only be available at Gamestop. There’s no word yet on bonus DLCs for pre-orders and other retailer exclusive editions of the game.