The Washington Post drove on average 275,193 tweets a week in 2013, more than any of the other nine newspapers that made the Alliance for Audited Media’s top 10 most popular newspapers, according to a recently released study by Searchmetrics.

The New York Times, the second-most-popular U.S. newspaper on Twitter, according to Searchmetrics’ study, saw almost as much engagement on Twitter -- driving on average 261,422 tweets a week.

However, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, second and third on the list, experienced only about half the engagement on Twitter that WaPo stories enjoyed.

Of all the stories published by these 10 newspapers, the most-tweeted story of them all was one published by USA Today -- Texas gunman brain dead; may be tied to Colo. slayings -- which was tweeted 408,816 times.

The second spot went to a story by WaPo -- Newtown shooter Lanza had more than 1,700 rounds of ammunition in his house -- tweeted 361,259 times.

Four of the 10-most-tweeted stories were published by the WaPo, five were published by USA Today.

news worth tweeting2-01 The top-tweeted news stories of 2013. Photo: IBTimes/Lisa Mahapatra