• Power stations must be connected to the main power grid via Connectors
  • Multiple layers of walls are great for stopping monsters
  • Placing turrets wisely will help eliminate large enemy swarms quickly

The early stages of the mission to Galatea-37 will have players set up their first base of operations, establish power networks and erect defenses to keep their main HQ building safe. These tasks are relatively simple, but things could get dicey if players fail to think in a larger scale.

As bases expand and resource demand grows, players will need to consider how to properly defend their headquarters and auxiliary outposts to make sure the rest of the game goes smoothly. Getting a good idea of how to build bases can set players up for the rest of “The Riftbreaker,” no matter how complicated things might get.

Here are some tips and tricks to help new players get started with their first base of operations.

HQ Placement

Ideally, the HQ building should be placed near an area with easy access to multiple resource veins or near natural terrain, like walls and cliffs. This will allow players to easily harvest materials while keeping their base easy to defend.

A swarm of monsters attacking a mining outpost in The Riftbreaker A swarm of monsters attacking a mining outpost in The Riftbreaker Photo: EXOR Studios

Natural barriers will reduce the number of walls required and they can help funnel enemies to minefields or tower kill zones. Meanwhile, having multiple Carbonium Ore deposits nearby can help with early power generation via Carbonium Power Plants.

Establishing Power Grids

Carbonium deposits found outside of the player’s base can be tapped as power sources by placing power plants on them. However, these auxiliary power stations must be connected to the main base if players want to make full use of their energy output.

Make sure to link each power station to the main base with Energy Connectors.

Tower And Wall Placement

Players must keep building and projectile collisions in mind when building walls and towers. It’s best to place defense towers on the outer side of a base’s perimeter to maximize their cones of fire. Moreover, players will not have to worry about getting their own shots blocked by towers.

Try to keep bases covered by two or three layers of walls to slow down the enemies’ approach. Experiment with different wall layouts for more efficient fields of fire. Cross-shaped or star fort-style layouts are very effective at funneling targets into minefields while offering a solid defensive foundation.