A new Blackberry tablet, the PlayBook tablet computer, is displayed at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
RIM lost its lead developer for its Playbook to Samsung on Tuesday. REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino

RIM suffered another loss on Tuesday when a lead PlayBook developer defected to Samsung.

Ryan Bidan, a senior product manager of RIM's first tablet attempt, announced on LinkedIn that he had left the company to become director of product marketing for Samsung's North American division. Consumers might recognize him as the man featured in the majority of PlayBook promo videos.

He had worked at the company for close to three years and primarily worked on the PlayBook and its QNX technology. Before working at RIM, Bidan was a product manager for Microsoft games for close to eight years.

The impact this will have on the PlayBook tablets is currently unknown. The PlayBook's had sluggish sales and been unable to take a major share of the lucrative tablet market. Apple's iPad remains the dominant presence in the market and that doesn't stand to change anytime soon.

Apple announced its quarterly earnings on Tuesday and showed incredible numbers for its iPad tablet. During that quarter Apple generated $6 billion in sales with the iPad; more than it did with its Mac computer desktop and notebook line.

Despite the lack of overall success of the device, losing Bidan could be a major blow for the company. There have already been rumors that the company is considering dumping the PlayBook, and this move could add credence to those rumors.

Blackberry has steadfastly denied those rumors and indicated the tablet will be a major part of its future. If so, the loss of a senior product manager could cause even further delays for a company that cannot deal with anymore issues.

It's also not the first RIM defection to Samsung. Just a month ago, Brian Wallace, the vice president of digital marketing for RIM, decided to leave for Samsung.

RIM did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment on Bidan's departure.