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Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro Jeff Li/IBTimes US

For those who have owned a robot vacuum cleaner, which has quickly become a staple in every household, you'll know that in reality, they are primarily intended for regular maintenance cleaning rather than deep cleaning or handling large spills. This is where the new vacuum mops come into play, offering a motorized mopping experience that may not be fully automated but provides an enhanced mopping experience in terms of thoroughness and ease of operation.

While Roborock started with the Dyad vacuum mop, which had a strong debut, it has swiftly introduced the Dyad Pro, featuring several upgrades. The question lingers: how much improvement does Roborock's new flagship vacuum mop bring to real-life cleaning? Let's delve in and find out.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
The new and improved counter rotating rollers Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Hardware Upgrades

Physically, the Dyad Pro is not significantly larger than its first-generation counterpart, the Dyad. It maintains the same level of maneuverability as its predecessor, effortlessly gliding around furniture and navigating tight spaces, while effectively reaching corners and edges with precision. If you are accustomed to using an upright vacuum cleaner, you will feel right at home with the Dyad Pro.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
Easy to remove rollers Jeff Li/IBTimes US

One notable change I observed in the Dyad Pro is the roller configuration. The wider, side-by-side double rollers are now located at the front instead of the back. This adjustment appears to offer improved access to right-angle corners, which is essential for effective mopping. Additionally, the Dyad Pro maintains the convenient feature of removable rollers for easy cleaning. With a simple twist, the double rollers can be detached, making it one of the standout features of the Dyad design.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
Larger clean and dirty water tank than the first Dyad Jeff Li/IBTimes US

The Dyad Pro proudly features a generous 900 ml clean water tank and a 770 ml dirty water tank, surpassing the 850/620 ml capacity of its predecessor, the Dyad. These increased capacities prove to be more than sufficient for regular cleaning tasks, significantly reducing the frequency of refills. With the Dyad Pro, you can enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions without the hassle of frequent tank emptying and refilling.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
The new detergent auto dispenser Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Another remarkable enhancement of the Roborock Dyad Pro is the inclusion of an Auto Dispenser for cleaning agents, providing an additional level of convenience to the cleaning process. The Auto Dispenser effortlessly dispenses your preferred detergent, enabling you to utilize it for up to 20 tanks of clean water. With this feature, there is no longer a need to add detergent into the clean water tank every time, resulting in time and effort savings during each cleaning session.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
The new lockable hinge replaces the need for a kickstand Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Several other changes in the Dyad Pro demonstrate a logical progression in design. For instance, the Dyad's rear kickstand has been replaced with a lockable hinge on the base, enabling the Dyad Pro to stand steadily on its own when not in use. This design refinement reflects the maturity of the product, showcasing how Roborock has learned from the initial release and made improvements across various aspects to create a superior product.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
Debris flap that can be toggled on and off Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Cleaning Power

The suction power of the Dyad Pro's vacuum feature deserves commendation. With a rated suction power of 17,000 Pa, it effortlessly picks up both wet and dry dirt, debris, and pet hair in just one pass. While I typically prefer keeping dry dirt separate from wet messes, there are situations where a slightly moist muck necessitates the use of a vacuum cleaner rather than brooms. In such cases, the Dyad Pro steps in to tackle the task at hand and ensures effective cleaning.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
Four different cleaning modes Jeff Li/IBTimes US

The Dyad Pro offers four cleaning modes—Auto, Drying, Eco, and Max—providing users with flexibility to cater to their specific cleaning needs. It's important to note that the suction strength will naturally impact the battery life, which, on average, lasts around 40 minutes—an improvement over the 30 minutes of the Dyad.

I cannot emphasize enough the convenience of having a motorized, cordless mop like the Dyad Pro, especially when it comes to tackling dried-up stains. All you need to do is let the weight of the Dyad Pro apply pressure, glide the mop head up and down the stain, and let the water, auto-dispensed detergent, counter-rotating rollers, and suction work their magic.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
The Dyad Pro comes with an additional filter Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Furthermore, the package of the Dyad Pro includes an additional filter for the dirty water tank, a cleaning brush, and a hair cutter. The extra filter proves to be highly convenient for uninterrupted cleaning sessions since I can easily swap it out while cleaning and drying the other filter. Additionally, the included cleaning brush and hair cutter are valuable tools for maintaining the dirty water tank, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
Air holes for the new drying system Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Self Cleaning

Roborock has proven its expertise in developing self-cleaning gadgets with its RoboDock range, which offers features like self-charging, self-emptying, and even self-washing and filling for the vacuum and mop models. Despite being a hand-operated mop, the Dyad Pro benefits from Roborock's knowledge and experience, as they have implemented a simple yet effective self-cleaning function.

The charging dock of the Dyad Pro serves as a self-cleaning station, allowing the device to utilize its motorized rollers, dirty and clean water reservoirs, and vacuum to clean itself. The self-cleaning process can be conveniently controlled through the Roborock App, making it an intuitive experience that eliminates the need for reading lengthy instruction manuals.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
A fan incorporated in the base for drying cycle Jeff Li/IBTimes US

The Dyad Pro introduces an additional function that addresses my main concern with the self-cleaning feature in the Dyad—the drying cycle. While washing the rollers and extracting moisture through suction is effective, the rollers still tend to remain too wet for storage. However, the Dyad Pro overcomes this issue with the inclusion of an air blower system in its base. This results in significantly drier rollers, reducing the frequency at which they need to be removed and washed.

Hands-on with Roborock Dyad Pro
The simple package of the Dyad Pro Jeff Li/IBTimes US

Easy Set Up

Similar to our experience with other Roborock products, setting up the Dyad Pro is a breeze. The base consists of two separate parts that easily slide together, and the handle of the Dyad Pro simply needs to be inserted into the main unit. Once assembled, the handle forms a secure connection that you can trust without any concerns about disassembly.

Final Verdict

With a retail price tag of $449.99, the Roborock Dyad Pro falls into the flagship category of vacuum mops. Undoubtedly, it represents a significant investment. However, considering its exceptional performance and the convenience it provides, it is well worth the price. If your priority is the best cleaning experience and you are willing to invest in a high-quality product, the Dyad Pro is an excellent choice.

Hands-on with the Dyad Pro

The Roborock Dyad Pro stands out in the market due to its superior cleaning performance, ease of use, exceptional maneuverability, self-cleaning capability, and durable build quality. Based on these impressive features, we are pleased to award the Roborock Dyad Pro with the IBTimes Recommended Badge.