Rock Band 4 promo
"Rock Band 4" promo art. Harmonix

Prior to the release of “Rock Band 4,” developer Harmonix confirmed that music from the legendary musician Van Halen would be added to the game as downloadable content. Fans of the rock star won’t have to wait much longer, as the Van Halen downloadable content (DLC) is now available for download.

The Van Halen DLC will have six of the musician’s favorite songs for players to rock out to. IGN has confirmed that the songs are “Runin’ With The Devil,” “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love,” “Dance The Night Away,” “Unchained,” “And The Cradle Will Rock” and finally “Hot For Teacher.”

If players only want a few of these songs, they can purchase them individually for $1.99 a song. Those who want to play through all six songs can purchase the whole pack for $9.99, which has a slight discount compared to purchasing all of the songs individually.

This might be hard to believe, but this is actually the first time Van Halen songs have been available in a “Rock Band” video game, aside from “Panama” which is already in the game’s track list. Prior to the DLC announcement a few months back, Van Halen songs have only appeared in the “Guitar Hero” games from Activision, according to Polygon.

“You Really Got Me Now” was the first Van Halen song to appear on the “Guitar Hero” games, though it was a cover when it appeared in “Guitar Hero 2.” Soon enough, the famous musician and his band would get a game focused on their songs called “Guitar Hero: Van Halen.”

“Guitar Hero” isn’t the only game guilty for focusing on one particular artist, as “Rock Band” has also done the same. The company have released “The Beetles: Rock Band” and “Green Day: Rock Band” back in the series’ height of popularity.

Van Halen fans can download the DLC right now for the PS4 and Xbox One. “Rock band 4” is available now and has received rave reviews upon release, so anyone who wants to rock out to classic Van Halen songs with plastic instrument controllers can finally do so. The game is available in retail and digital stores.

New Rock Band 4 DLC: Van Halen! (Credit: YouTube/Rock Band)