Rocket Lague
“Rocket League” Salty Shores update is now live. Psyonix/Steam

The Salty Shores update for “Rocket League” is finally live. Find out what v1.45 does to Psyonix’s vehicular soccer video game.

Last week, Psyonix announced the Salty Shores update that comes with a lot of new content. On Tuesday, the patch finally arrived, giving fans a lot of things to enjoy in the game this summer.

First off, the update introduces a brand new map — one that is very timely for the summer season. The “Salty Shores” Arena is a beach-themed map with various theme park attractions like roller coasters and Ferris Wheels. There is also the Wasteland (Night) Arena, which is available in all Playlists.

V1.45 also adds the new Impact Crate that contains the new import Battle-Car called Twinzer. Twinzer is only available as a limited drop inside the Impact Crate.

The latest “Rocket League” update also marks the end of Competitive Season 7. Eligible players will be given Season 7 Rewards, which are Player Banners and Goal Expansions. Since Season 7 has now ended, Season 8 is taking over.

Competitive Season 8 is said to bring a “soft reset” that requires players to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate. The developer explained that the soft reset does not compress Champion Tier players skill downwards. Instead, only Grand Champions will be compressed down to the Champion 3 skill range.

Psyonix has also added the new Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3, which is available to all players under Music Playlists. The update also comes with 10 new Monstercat Flags, namely: Aiobahn, Bad Computer, Dion Timmer, Duumu, Instinct, Inverness, Skyelle, Soupandreas, Stephen Walking and Sundial.

In addition, the update comes with two S. Watercolour Customization Items (S. Watercolour Player Banner and S. Watercolour Flag), four Decals (Glyphtrix, Min-Spec, ShapeRacer and Tiger Tiger), and three Troppers (Goldfish, Palm Tree and Swim Ring).

Finally, V1.45 comes with the following general bug fixes:

  • A player’s Rank now correctly displays on the post-match screen
  • Fixed an issue causing Orange team-specific Presets to incorrectly preload during matchmaking, causing them to appear late once the map loaded
  • [Xbox One] Fixed a crash/performance issue
  • Fixed Boost activation occurring one frame behind input when client runs above 60 FPS
  • Boost Audio and visual FX will no longer continue to play after boost is deactivated
  • Fixed an issue with physics state quantization that led to cars occasionally “settling” at inconsistent suspension heights
  • Improved loading performance that was causing some players (particularly on PS4) to experience stutter in the first 5-10 seconds of matches
  • Fixed players who have initiated a Forfeit Vote being unable to see the Vote to Forfeit option afterwards
  • The “Keyboard Input Acceleration Time” option is once again available in the Options - Controls menu.
  • Fixed the “Favorite” button sometimes disappearing in the Garage Car Body tab
  • Fixed issues with car preview sometimes breaking when quickly switching garage tabs
  • [Switch] Improved scrolling performance when viewing items in the Garage
  • Tread glow on ‘Season 3 - Star’ Wheels has been restored
  • FX on Draco Wheels have been restored