• Samsung's Galaxy Wearable app has assets revealing details about new products
  • The assets included images of a bean-shaped Galaxy Buds and the name of a new Galaxy Watch
  • The devices are expected to arrive sometime this year

Assets in the latest Galaxy Wearable app for Samsung's smartwatches provide a few interesting details about the company's upcoming devices and products.

The latest Galaxy Wearable app for Samsung smartwatches provides details about two devices the South Korean giant is believed to be releasing sometime this year. The assets inside the app essentially confirms rumors about the existence of the company's upcoming audio accessory, and also confirms the name of the company's new smartwatch.

Galaxy Buds X

The assets, discovered by XDA Developers, included an image of a bean-shaped earbud. This is likely the previously reported Galaxy Buds X, which is said to be shaped like a bean. The image reportedly had a string “buds_live” appended to the end of the filename, but XDA noted that there are no other references to the “Buds Live” name.

While some might think that Samsung's bean-shaped earbuds could be called “Galaxy Buds Live” because of the asset, previous reports indicated that the South Korean tech giant already registered a trademark name for a new audio device called “Galaxy Buds X.” XDA Developers believes the bean-shaped earbud will be called the latter, not how the string would imply.

The Galaxy Buds X are said to be shaped like a bean so as to fit the natural contours of the human ear. It is expected to feature active noise cancellation and offer “superior audio quality” with improved internal speakers.

Not much is known about the device at the moment, but it is believed that Samsung will sell it for a very affordable price compared to Apple's AirPods, AirPods Pro, and other noise-cancelling earbuds around, at $150 or less.

Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Wearable app also included an image asset specifically mentioned “Galaxy Watch 3” as the name of Samsung's upcoming smartwatch. The naming is particularly odd because the company hasn't released a Galaxy Watch 2 yet, but it is entirely possible considering how the Korean giant skipped some numbers when naming certain devices (like Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20, for example).

The “Galaxy Watch 3” name was also recently confirmed by a certification from the NBTC. According to the NBTC website, Samsung Electronics' upcoming device with mondel number SM-R855F is named Galaxy Watch 3.

Recent FCC certifications revealed that it will come in a total of four different versions: two 41mm models (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and LTE-capable) and two 45mm (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and LTE-capable) models.

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