The CEO of Samsung Electronics has revealed that he’s responsible for the blunders that surrounded the Galaxy Fold’s release. The fast release of the device contributed to many of its problems that were pointed in the previous months. However, the CEO still has hope for the foldable device.

Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh admitted to the Fold’s mishaps in his interview with The Independent. Koh said that he’d rushed development for the device. “It was embarrassing. I pushed it through before it was ready.” said Koh to the news firm.

In its release, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was applauded for its innovation in introducing a foldable smart device. While they were not first to successfully make one, Samsung was the first among the large smartphone companies to show a foldable device with potential.

However, the reviewers and news firms were quick to report about the phone’s glaring durability flaw after a few days. The Galaxy Fold was a fragile device and ill-suited for its “folding” specialty. In a few days, dust got in the foldable screens and broke the screens.

Despite the problems the company faced, Koh confirmed that they’re still working on the Galaxy Fold and testing it out. “I do admit I missed something on the foldable phone, but we are in the process of recovery.” said Koh. Previously, Samsung has experienced a large problem with the Galaxy Note 7 and have recovered from its iteration.

Aside from admitting faults, Koh also confirmed some progress with the Galaxy Fold development after all the fiasco. “At the moment, more than 2,000 devices are being tested right now in all aspects. We defined all the issues. Some issues we didn’t even think about, but thanks to our reviewers, mass volume testing is ongoing.” Koh confirms their work.

At best, Samsung is putting some work to bounce back on their Galaxy Fold mishaps. Even their rival, Huawei, announced that they’ll be working more on their own Mate X device to weed out problems on their foldable device too. For now, we’ll have to wait on Samsung to officially reveal more details about the Galaxy Fold.