There’s a report going around that Samsung is developing a phone software for blockchain and cryptocurrency that will launch alongside the Galaxy S10 next year. However, Samsung has denied the report and called it a rumor.

It was discovered recently that Samsung filed for three EU trademarks for blockchain and cryptocurrency phone software: “Blockchain KeyStore,” “Blockchain key box” and “Blockchain Core.” The trademarks were filed on Dec. 10 and they were first brought to public knowledge by the Dutch website Galaxy Club.

The trademarks are specifically described as software applications for mobile devices. To put it simply, a blockchain app for a cryptocurrency wallet on smartphones.

The report on the trademark filings was then followed by a report from SamMobile, claiming that Samsung is preparing a service that would allow users to save cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, in a cold wallet. The service would also allegedly allow users to have public and private keys and they would have the ability to sign private keys for transferring cryptocurrency. Users would also be given the ability to view account information and transaction history.

More importantly, SamMobile also claimed that Samsung is planning to integrate this new crypto service into the Galaxy S10, which is expected to launch early next year. The service may also be integrated into Samsung’s other future smartphones.

However, SamMobile’s report was denied by the South Korean tech giant. “Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information as the below is rumour and speculation,” Samsung told Cointelegraph through a private correspondence when asked to verify the report on Tuesday.

There are already a lot of rumors and supposed leaks on the Galaxy S10 and the inclusion of a bitcoin app is just another one that’s been added to the pile. The Galaxy S10 is believed to arrive with three different variants, while a fourth one that’s 5G-ready is also heavily rumored. SamMobile’s report didn’t say which variant of the smartphone will get the cold wallet bitcoin app.

With Samsung declining to offer more information and referring to the news simply as rumor and speculation, it’s quite possible that this isn’t true. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung is completely uninterested in blockchain software and cryptocurrency.

The company’s IT subsidiary, Samsung SDS, launched its own blockchain platform for businesses this past summer. The subsidiary also partnered with Dutch bank ABN AMRO in October to test a blockchain network that will be used for shipping containers. Perhaps Samsung filed those trademarks specifically for Samsung SDS and not necessarily for the Galaxy S10.