Samsung currently holds a patent for a new kind of foldable smartphone. The new design shows a clever twist on the fold which is similar to flip phones. However, the company has yet to prove itself after encountering problems in the initial reviews of the Galaxy Fold earlier this year.

Based on a new Samsung patent filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the South Korean tech giant came up with a design for a smartphone that can be folded on its topside and lower half, with each fold having its own perk.

The foldable device looks like a regular smartphone in its full, unfolded form. Aside from this, however, the device’s specs aren’t discussed in this patent. It also looks vastly different from the Galaxy Fold, which is a foldable tablet device.

Folding the lower half of the phone would reveal a part of the screen and keep the phone’s camera open. This mode would provide an easier way to take selfies as the exposed part of the device shows their camera’s feed.

Meanwhile, folding the upper half turns the device into a music player as the speakers would still be exposed and the screen would show a music player.

The new design shows promise, but Samsung has yet to redeem itself from the fiasco with the Galaxy Fold earlier this year. Many reviewers noticed that the Galaxy Fold was actually a fragile device even though it showed potential. After a few days of use, dust that got in the screen ruined the whole display and broke the device.

Much like the problems with the explosive Note 7, Samsung was quick on its feet to delay the reveal of the device and announce that it will be working to fix the issues. As of now, the company has confirmed that it sorted out the problems reviewers had regarding the Galaxy Fold. However, the company didn’t fully reveal all the changes it has made in the device.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Fold would be a September release. For now, fans will have to see if Samsung can really make a foldable device with the Fold’s performance after its release.