Samsung has long confirmed that it’ll release the Galaxy Fold in September. The company also confirmed that it has fixed the issues that plagued the device prior to its delayed reveal earlier this 2019. However, will the Samsung Galaxy Fold actually be the first successful foldable device?

Royole's Flexpai was the first foldable device to come out in the market. While the company was able to make a stable, working device, many reviewers have called it an underwhelming and even mediocre take for foldable device. Many smartphone fans are still looking forward to big companies like Samsung, Huawei and Apple making the best iteration of foldable devices.

Samsung’s entry into this race is the Galaxy Fold. The company delayed its reveal to fix the issues as many early reviewers saw that the device was fragile, breaking apart only after a few days of use. The company, however, claimed that it has already fixed the issues of the Galaxy Fold.

However, Samsung faces some problems as fans have no idea what the company is planning with the device at the moment. Samsung has yet to completely reveal what the final Samsung Galaxy Fold will look like. Lastly, the company has yet to update the public about the full improvements made for the device. Official information about the device is currently limited, with only the rumor mill churning out ideas of what it could potentially be.

Despite this, Samsung’s mystery device still comes out better when put up against its smartphone rivals Apple and Huawei. Chinese company Huawei is currently fighting a legal war with the U.S. government as it is now banned from working with U.S. tech firms. The United States is not only a major region for Huawei sales, but the company also uses Google’s Android OS to power their smartphones.

Huawei, however, has found a workaround for this problem, introducing its own Harmony OS in the Mate X foldable device and other future releases. However, the new OS has yet to prove itself to the public. The ban also totally bars Huawei from exporting this device to the U.S. if rulings stay the same against them.

Lastly, Apple has yet to release any new details about its new devices. Even so, many fans are hoping that the company would release a new device this September as it has done in previous years. However, Apple has been focused on releasing new services and improving apps as of late, which makes any device release unlikely.

Due to lack of information coming from Samsung, it’s difficult to say if the company will have the best foldable device upon release. However, Samsung currently has the potential to be the only foldable device due to the situation of its rivals at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
It's obvious Huawei didn't want to experience what Samsung went through with the Galaxy Fold (held by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh). Getty Images/Justin Sullivan