Samsung Galaxy S4
Will consumers appreciate the plastic exterior suggested for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Samsung

Samsung may not have made any official comment on its next-generation Galaxy S smartphone, aka the Galaxy S4, but the tech world is constantly abuzz with speculative reports on the device’s features and release date over the last couple of months.

The already-heated Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill got yet another boost Tuesday after a report hit the web, claiming that the Korean variant of the Galaxy S4 had made an appearance in a new GLBenchmark database.

SamMobile reported, citing the benchmark, that the alleged Galaxy S4 variant, with the model number SHV-E300S, featured a full HD (1920×1080) display without any on-screen navigation bar. While most of the details, revealed in the benchmark, coincided with earlier reports on the upcoming handset, one particular piece of information did stand out.

According to the benchmark, the highly anticipated successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be powered by the new Exynos 5 Octa processor as had been reported so far. Instead of that, the smartphone would sport a Qualcomm CPU and GPU. If the leaked benchmark result is to be believed, Samsung Galaxy S4 would come with a Qualcomm MSM8960 CPU clocked at 1.9GHz (384 – 1890MHz) and an Adreno 320 GPU.

However, the report did mention that the information on the Galaxy S4 processor could be false as the device apparently featured a Qualcomm CPU and that “Samsung would never use a Qualcomm SoC in their high-end smartphone.”

A report by Android Community also cast doubt on the same aspect saying that “the benchmark could just be a fabrication.” The report said that there was no valid reason for Samsung to “stick a Qualcomm chip inside its flagship smartphone, especially since they’ve got everyone hyped up on their 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor.”

The rest of the details revealed in benchmark result included Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (JOP40D) as the device’s out-of-the-box operating system.

Galaxy S4 benchmark
A report hit the web, claiming that the Korean variant of the Galaxy S4 had made an appearance in a new GLBenchmark database. GLBenchmark

This was not the first time when the so-called Korean variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 appeared in a benchmark result. Last month, the same handset (SHV-E300S) was spotted in Antutu Benchmarks along with the International (British) variant (GT-I9500) of the device.

The only notable difference between both the benchmarks is the detail about the device’s processor. While the GLBenchmark report in question is betting on a Qualcomm CPU, the Antutu Benchmark said that the Galaxy S4 would be powered by Exynos 5 Octa (8-core) processor, clocked at 1.8GHz.

Last week, a few images claimed to be taken with the AT&T variant (SGH-I337) and the Korean variant of the Galaxy S4 also reportedly appeared in an post.

Rumors have it that Samsung Galaxy S4 would feature a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (445ppi), a Mali-T658 (8-Core) GPU, 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera that can shoot 720p HD Videos and the TouchWiz UI. Other rumored features also include wireless charging technology and touchless gestures for screen navigation.

When it comes to the release date, recent rumors suggest that the Galaxy S4 would be announced in an event scheduled for March 15 and would be available for purchase in early April.

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