Samsung Galaxy S5 with QHD display may launch after initial release.
Samsung Galaxy S5 with QHD display may launch after initial release. Samsung

Amid the many conflicting rumors about display specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5, recent reports suggest that the device may in fact release in two variants with different displays types. However, the release of these variants may not be simultaneous.

Some rumors have long suggested that the Galaxy S5 may release either with a QHD (2560×1440) display -- also known as a 2K display -- or have suggested a Full HD 1080p display for the S5. Other rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S5 may release in a standard version with a Full HD display and a premium version with a QHD display. Currently, reports out of Korea favor the latter, and propose that the variant that will be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event next week may feature a 1080p display, while a second variant with a QHD display may release later.

According to Korean publication ETNews, the 1080p displays for the Samsung Galaxy S5 are already in mass production, while production of the Galaxy S5 QHD displays has been delayed due to issues with optimizing picture quality. This delay is reportedly what will keep the QHD Galaxy S5 from releasing alongside the Full HD Galaxy S5.

This would not be the first time Samsung has released variants of its flagship devices with next-generation features. Notably, the Samsung Galaxy S4 released last April with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A, which features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, released in June. The processor upgrade equips the Galaxy S4 LTE-A to run on LTE-Advanced networks, which allows for data speeds up to 150 Mbps. This variant, however, sells in limited supply, largly in Korea and Europe.

There is no telling whether a Galaxy S5 QHD variant would similarly see a limited release. Often, when reports surface that Samsung is having production issues with a rumored component, said component ends up not being featured on the upcoming device. We have seen this occur with such features as optical image stabilization for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Proof of 2K display?

Recently, there have been several reports in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 featuring a Full HD display. Numerous supposed Galaxy S5 sightings on benchmarks, UAProf profiles and retailer placeholders have all listed a 1080p resolution for the Galaxy S5 display. However, a recent leak may give some credence to the QHD display rumors.

Supposed Samsung Galaxy S5 screenshot indicating QHD display.
Supposed Samsung Galaxy S5 screenshot indicating QHD display.

Earlier this week, Dutch website shared a screen capture it claims originated from a Galaxy S5 handset, which lists the device’s display resolution as 2560×1440. If true, this would be one of a few pieces of evidence in favor of QHD display for the Galaxy S5. However, the settings design notably looks nothing like the settings on previous Samsung Galaxy devices. Keep in mind that rumors also currently indicate that the Galaxy S5 may feature an updated user interface or possibly even a whole new operating system, which could account for the different design.

There will likely be no rumor confirmations until the Samsung Galaxy S5 is officially unveiled. Samsung has recently mentioned that it will be introducing a new Galaxy smartphone at the end of February, and we do also have the many hints from the Unpacked 5 teasers.

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