Samsung Gear
The Samsung Gear S4 might be released during the fourth quarter of 2018. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Samsung is expected to announce the Gear S4 smartwatch sometime later this year and a couple of interesting tidbits about the device have surfaced this week. The Samsung Gear S4 is rumored to arrive in two sizes and they will have LTE support in the United States.

Samsung is currently developing the Gear S4. The device is carrying the model number SM-R800 and is referred to as “Galileo” internationally. The Gear S4 will not only have improved internals, but it will also have improved health and fitness tracking features, possibly even a more in-depth sleep tracking feature, according to SamMobile.

Samsung is allegedly developing the LTE variants of the Gear S4 in the U.S. The LTE-enabled Gear S4 is also rumored to be made available from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile when it officially launches. This is a huge deal for Samsung considering that these are the three major carriers in the country and it could dictate how successful the Gear S4 will be.

Samsung is also said to be working on two different sizes for the Gear S4. No information was given on exact measurements, but the idea behind this is to provide users with a more comfortable fit. This would be a welcome change since Samsung’s previous Gear smartwatches have always arrived in a single size

Phone Arena pointed out that the Apple Watch is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes with a rectangular case. Meanwhile, all of Samsung’s Gear smartwatches have always had circular cases and have been changing sizes throughout the years. The Gear S2 Classic features a 43mm case, while the S3 has a 46mm case. Last year’s Gear Sport came with a 44.6mm case.

Since all three of previous models have case sizes that are very close to one another, it’s difficult to say if the second size of the Gear S4 will be bigger or smaller. Either way, having options should be something that consumers would want when buying a something that they will wear for long periods of time.

Samsung has been keeping a tight lid on the Gear S4 and there’s no information yet on when it’s going to be released. However, the popular rumor that’s going around now suggests that the Gear S4 might be released during the fourth quarter of 2018. Samsung typically announces a new Gear smartwatch during IFA Berlin. This year’s IFA Berlin conference is scheduled to take place from Aug. 31 until Sept. 5.