• Samsung announced that its Unpacked event is happening in Feb. 11, 2020
  • Fans are anticipating that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Fold 2 would be unveiled at the event
  • Samsung pre-registration page in Germany seemingly reveal the code names' Hubble and Bloom on its URL

South Korean tech and electronics giant Samsung earlier confirmed that the “Unpacked" event would happen on Feb. 11, 2020, with the company expected to officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy S20 series along with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. While it has been a recurrent rumor, Samsung may have indirectly confirmed the code names Hubble and Bloom for its devices launching on the upcoming event next month. These code names belong to the clamshell Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy S20 series.

Several speculations surfaced last Autumn, claiming that the camera of the Galaxy S20 series might have a code name Hubble. It replaces the previous code name Picasso for what was initially to be the Samsung Galaxy S11. The rumor is now seemingly confirmed along with the Bloom code name, which presumably belongs to the next generation foldable smartphone.

The registration page on the German website of Samsung aligns with rumors about the code names of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Fold 2. These same names appear on the URL of the said page. The Hubble code name for the Galaxy S20 series stands for the imaging prowess of the upcoming next-generation flagship smartphone lineup from Samsung.

Earlier reports revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series would feature a 108 MP primary camera sensor with 5x optical zoom. With the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the code name Bloom may refer to the way the next generation foldable smartphone folds and unfolds. Additionally, the pre-registration page asks users to share what they think is essential in a smartphone.

Based on similar campaigns, we know that all the available options are features and attributes of the upcoming devices of the South Korean tech giant. Items like high-end technology, entertainment features, camera, productivity, and design are among the choices. It is worth noting that these code names, while seemingly align to various facts, are still unofficial and, at this point, are deemed as speculations.

We still have a month to go before we could finally prove if there is any grain of truth to these speculations. We will certainly learn more about Hubble and Bloom devices as the Samsung Unpacked event draws near. Meanwhile, we suggest not to get too excited until details come directly from Samsung.