Rooting the Galaxy S4 LTE will allow users to install custom ROMs in the device in future. Reuters

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S4 is widely expected to be one of the highest selling smartphones from the South Korean conglomerate. And if a Thursday report from a Korean news outlet is to be believed, the handset showed early signs of achieving that feat in just four days after its release.

Citing an unnamed Samsung executive, Korea’s ChosunIlbo has reported (via Unwired View) that Samsung had shipped as many as four million Galaxy S4 units between its launch on April 26 and the end of the month.

However, after the initial batch, Galaxy S4’s shipments slowed down a bit that resulted in six million shipped units as of May 10. By the end of this month, Samsung is expected to sell 10 million Galaxy S4 units, said the report.

It’s worth mentioning here that it took Samsung 60 days to ship 10 million Galaxy S3 units and 150 days to do the same for the Galaxy S2. If the report in question turns out to be true, it will take Samsung only about 30 days to ship the same amount of Galaxy S4 units, Unwired View reported.

It should also be noted that the reported numbers are just a shipment count, meaning it’s the amount that Samsung has sold to carriers and retailers, not the actual customers. It would be interesting to see if Samsung can catch up with its rival Apple, which reportedly sold five million iPhone 5 units during the opening weekend of the handset.

“Obviously, the Galaxy S line is selling notably well for Samsung, and the progress from one generation to the next is made clear by these figures. But even though Samsung dominates the market right now, and has a near-monopoly on Android, the iPhone is still technically a faster selling phone than any of Samsung’s Galaxy models,” said a report from Tech Crunch.

“Remember when the iPhone 5 launched? Apple clocked over 2 million pre-orders for the latest-generation iPhone in the first 24 hours it was available,” the report added.