In the wake of Samsung’s global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, the South Korea tech giant has reportedly partnered with BlackBerry in producing super-secure tablets for the German government. 

According to Android Authority, the Galaxy Note 7 maker joined forces with BlackBerry in building tablet devices, called SecuTablet, that are suited for the officials of the German government. 

Since the SecuTablet is built using the Samsung Tab S2, the specifications of the device is mostly intact. But Samsung and BlackBerry ensured that the device has a security card, encryption and certification software that would help officials in ensuring that intel data stored or transferred is locked down, as per Phone Arena

In addition, Stuff reports that Samsung has added its new security software, Knox, to the SecuTablet, making it impenetrable to everyone else save for the owner.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry, who has been struggling despite joining the Android market, has included BlackBerry Hub to the device to guarantee that the user’s messaging activity is secure. 

"With the SecuTablet, for the first time, we are combining secure software and hardware from multiple manufacturers into a joint solution," Secusmart Managing Director Christoph Erdmann was quoted as saying by the Record on Friday. 

Secusmart is a Germany-based subsidiary of BlackBerry that is focused on providing secure voice and data software. It was acquired by the Canadian smartphone maker back in 2014, ZDNet reported at the time.

With the SecuTablet, German government officials can circulate classified information among themselves without the risk of falling victim to espionage. 

Because of its super-secure features, Samsung and BlackBerry decided to value the tablet at €2,250 or $2,380 each, though the Galaxy Tab S2 retails for only $400. 

Do you think the pricing for the SecuTablet is reasonable given its security features? Sound off in the comments section below.