Samsung has unveiled a new version of its Gear S3 Classic smartwatch, and it’s making a buzz online since it comes with independent LTE connectivity.

The annual watch and jewelry trade show Baselworld 2017 is currently taking place at Basel, Switzerland, and this is where Samsung grabbed the chance to show off its new wearable products. The Gear S3 Classic was showcased at the event.

Like the original Gear S3 Classic, the Gear S3 Classic LTE still comes with the rotating bezel design with the circular 1.3-inch AMOLED display. It still runs Samsung’s Tizen OS, so users who don’t like Android Wear already have one reason to pick this device up.

The newest and most significant addition to the Gear S3 Classic is that it supports LTE network connectivity. It’s previous iteration only came with Bluetooth and WiFi support, while LTE support was only made available on the Gear S3 Frontier. The device will be available from carriers AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

“The new Gear S3 classic LTE raises the bar for connected smartwatch design,” VP of Samsung’s marketing Alanna Cotton said. “Adding LTE connectivity to the Gear S3 classic gives users the ability to stay connected on the go, even when they leave their phone behind.”

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t revealed pricing for the Gear S3 Classic LTE. It’s WiFi-only model currently costs $350, so the new LTE model should cost around that same price, according to Engadget. Customers should also expect an additional monthly fee from their carriers for the LTE service.

Gear S3 Concept Concept designs based on the Samsung Gear S3 Photo: Samsung

Samsung also showed off new concept designs for its wearables.  One concept shows the Gear S3 with a more premium finish. Another is a Gear S3 with a pocket watch design. There’s also a watch that looks like the Gear S3 but is actually a traditional watch, according to Android Authority.

All three of the concepts for the Gear S3 was designed by Switzerland-based luxury watch designer Yvan Arpa. Arpa is also the one who designed the original iteration of the Gear S3.