When Samsung first announced the Galaxy S8, it also introduced the DeX Station, which allows users to hook up the phone to a display and continue using the handset as a desktop computer. For the Galaxy S9, it looks like Samsung is releasing a new version called the DeX Pad.

The Samsung DeX Pad was leaked by VentureBeat reporter and notorious leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks). He shared a couple of photos showing off the new Galaxy S9 accessory, which also confirmed some of its main features.

The biggest difference between the DeX Station and the DeX Pad is that a Galaxy phone will be laid down flat on the pad. This allows users to turn their Samsung phone into a touchpad, which can then be used for the DeX user interface. This also means that users won’t need to connect a mouse and all they would need is a monitor and a keyboard.

Although the new Samsung DeX Pad is expected to be announced alongside the Galaxy S9, the new peripheral will work with all Samsung Android flagship from the Galaxy S8 and up. The DeX Pad uses a USB Type-C connector. Other ports include two USB, one HDMI and a USB-C port. The only thing that’s missing on the DeX Pad is an Ethernet port, which is something the original DeX Station had. Android Police pointed out that the Ethernet port may be located on the side of the DeX Pad.

The DeX Pad also appears to have a vent. This may be a way to make sure that Galaxy phones don’t heat up. A device getting hotter than usual would be typical if it’s laying down on a surface while being used for something that demands a lot of power. To avoid getting scratches on the user’s Samsung phone, there also appears to be a rubber padding on the other end of the accessory.

Blass also shared an image showing off the DeX Pad with what appears to be the Galaxy S9. The Samsung flagship Android phone looks very similar to its predecessor and closely matches previously leaked renders. One important detail to point out here is that the Galaxy S9 shown in the image still has a 3.5mm headphone jack on its bottom edge. While other manufacturers are ditching the headphone jack, Samsung appears adamant on keeping it on its flagships for the time being.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to launch on Feb. 25 alongside the new DeX Pad. Samsung is exected to further show off both devices during MWC 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.