Sarah Palin Super Tuesday
CNN caught Sarah Palin right after she cast her vote for the GOP primary in Alaska, but she wouldn't say who she voted for. REUTERS

Sarah Palin wowed the Conservative Political Action Committee 2012 conference on Saturday, her mama grizzly roar repeatedly bringing the audience to a standing ovation and reaffirming her relevance to the Republican Party.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate was the closing and keynote speaker at the annual get-together of conservative students, operatives, activists and big-name Republican leaders. She did not mention any particular GOP candidates in the presidential election, but blasted President Barack Obama and demanded a president worthy of our troops.

The president says -- small Americans, small town Americans -- we bitterly cling to our religion and our guns because we are just doggone frustrated with his pace of change, she said. You say, I say, we say: you keep your change, we'll keep our God, our guns, our Constitution.

The entire speech was live streamed by the American Conservative Union, who hosted CPAC, and can be seen on CPAC 2012's official Web site. This video includes the introduction by Millie Hallow, vice chair of the American Conservative Union Foundation and special assistant to the National Rifle Association's CEO. It is also has the best quality image. also record the speech. It can be watched here or below.

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