As almost five million viewers glued on to their TV sets last weekend to watch the escapades of Republican Sarah Palin, she tenderly sought to make a point. On the face of it, the TV show was nothing but a usual family outing, shooting off some clay pigeons, posing for pictures in the backyard and a tinge of adventure to wrap it up. But beyond lay the brains which seem to be precisely endorsing her to be a characteristic middle-aged married woman, with a customary household and yet fearless in living the 'American Dream'.  

I would describe myself, my family, as just normal average everyday Americans, she said on new documentary series, 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' aired on TLC.

These straightforward yet skillfully crafted statements may well turn the tide in her favor, now that she has been suggesting her intent to run for President and bring down Barack Obama himself. The Former Alaska Governor, who was interviewed by the New York Times on Wednesday, maintained that she is engaged in 'internal deliberations' on whether or not she should lead the Republicans to the 2012 polls.

I'm looking at the lay of the land now, and ... trying to figure that out, if it's a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family, if it's a good thing, Palin said in an interview with the ABC. The interview, which is to be aired in full next month, is part of Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010.

Just hours after her latest revelations, the mainstream media was caught up in a deliberation. Some suggested she should first be a 'white old man' to don the power suit, some maintained she needs to 'man up' and some are quite sure that Sarahpac will be on the roll. Her critics also complain that being little known outside the country and her unvarying whining over the news might deter any chances on her pursuit to the White House.

But unlike earlier, Palin seems to be equipped with most, if not all, answers. This time around, there could hardly be any transgressions against media for sensationalizing extracts from her private life. Instead, she herself, in a subtle way could reveal all only just with her hour-long reality TV show. A brilliant media management coupled with striking advertising campaigns, and extensive overseas travel could set up things for her.  

And not just manning up, Palin is keen on proving herself to be Man enough. Climbing the tricky Alaskan mountain range, dog sledding on sheets of thin ice, looking at a grizzly bear in the eye, all these could sound more like a regular Alaskan day. But to people elsewhere in the country, it could be rather atypical.

But, in the way to Washington also stand other hurdles. Though managing to upset Obama and the rest of the Democrats in the recent mid-term polls with her Tea Party cluster, not everyone within the group approve of her headship. Her deficient expertise on economic and foreign policies, both which continue to dictate American political affairs, need to be worked upon.  

Analysts however, maintain that the current economic slump within the country, unemployment and the sliding ratings of Obama could all work in her favor. And then the video with Mount Rushmore, lumberjacks, U.S Marines, waving American flags, jolly American families and the grizzly bear in the end, could do the rest.

Her morning in America is probable, but only if she tries hard enough and refrains from using her 8-week television event to say something like, I'd rather do this than be in some stuffy old political office.