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  • Sasha Banks has changed her Twitter handle to her real name
  • Her return to WWE was believed to be imminent until this change
  • Banks returning to the promotion is still a possibility, but it is not as sure as before

WWE fans may no longer need to wait any further for the return of Sasha Banks to the company as it seems that she has had enough of the pro wrestling industry.

The former WWE Women's Champion had recently changed her Twitter handle from @SashaBanksWWE to @MercedesVarnado—her real name—which looks to be a sign that a return is next to impossible.

Pro wrestling outlets reported in mid-May that trouble was brewing behind the scenes after Banks and Naomi, then serving as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, walked out on an episode of Raw following a meeting with then-talent relations head John Laurinaitis.

With the rumors swirling, WWE decided that it was time to put out an official statement regarding the situation and confirmed that the reason for their walkout was that "they claim they weren't respected enough as Tag Team Champions."

The WWE locker room was understandably split about the whole situation since it jeopardized the always-precarious balance holding the promotion together.

As part of the after-effects of their walkout, it was later reported by Wrestling Observer Radio that the tag team queens were supposed to challenge for the singles titles, with Banks going up against Ronda Rousey on SmackDown and Naomi challenging Bianca Belair on Raw.

Since that time, updates about the pair returning to WWE were few and far between as the days continued to pass with no substantial progress on the matter.

But when Triple H was named WWE's head of creative following Vince McMahon's resignation due to allegations of sexual misconduct, the potential of them returning was higher than ever.

It is worth noting that Banks and Naomi are among performers whom Triple H has a strong bond with, so fans believed that it was a foregone conclusion that they would return.

However, it has been nearly two months since his ascent to power and there has been no insider info as to when or if they would really be returning despite the reinstation of the women's tag titles.

News recently came out that Banks was looking towards venturing to music aside from acting and it appears that she is doing just that.

One thing that should also be considered is how WWE performers are reportedly being given more freedom under Triple H, highlighted by Drew Gulak's gratitude for being allowed to stream on third-party site Twitch.

Banks' social media change could be a reflection of that desire since there is still that possibility of performing in WWE again while also giving herself a chance to take on projects outside of the industry.

But until more substantial reports come out, Banks' WWE career is dead in the water for now.

Sasha Banks, Naomi, WWE
Sasha Banks and Naomi celebrate winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 38 Night 2 on April 3, 2022. WWE