Saudi Arabian king will likely make announcements today regarding a ministry reshuffle, anti-corruption drive and more welfare dole outs, according to media reports.

The monarch, who returned recently from a months-long overseas stay, is sensing the distant drum beats of a possible rebellion against the Saud dynasty's hitherto safe perch on power in the world's largest oil exporter.

The Saudi Press Agency said King Abdullah will address the nation after Friday prayers. It is expected that the monarch will use the occasion to shore up his support base by announcing government programs appealing to the masses.

The vast Gulf Arab country has witnessed several small and dispersed anti-government protests over the last month, which took inspiration from the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan crises.

The 86-year-old Sunni monarch took the lead last week to protect the fellow Sunni monarchy in Bahrain by sending troops to the neighboring country.

Al Jazeera said the kingdom is better placed than other Arab countries when it comes tom facing down anti-government stirs, mainly on account of it s vast oil wealth.

With more than $400bn in foreign reserves, Saudi Arabia is in a more comfortable position than other Arab countries to alleviate any social pressures such as high youth unemployment, the Doha-based channel said.

The monarch is likely to replace the ministers of defense, higher education and religious affairs, the Associated Press has reported, quoting unnamed Saudi diplomatic sources.