• The side quest requires players to watch every episode of the game's anime counterpart
  • The side quest rewards players with special in-game items
  • "Scarlet Nexus" is now available on various gaming platforms

"Scarlet Nexus" players can earn special in-game items by simply entering the password available in every anime episode. Here is how players unlock the side quest, as well as the list of Musubi codes, their corresponding rewards and how to redeem them.

While "Scarlet Nexus" allows players to get special rewards using hidden musubi codes, it does not mean that they could easily key in the codes they obtain and redeem the rewards. Players must first clear Phase 2 in the game's storyline to access Musubi. While progressing in this phase, an NPC will ask players to meet them at the cafe.

Players must respond to the message from Mimi, who wants to meet up at the cafe. They also need to talk to the character at the front of the restaurant to kick off this special code side questline. In the game, Musubi is a character who owns a cafe where players hang out with other characters to strengthen their bonds.

Kasane Randall, one of the protagonists of Scarlet Nexus
Kasane Randall, one of the protagonists of Scarlet Nexus Bandai Namco

But, Musubi has a special task for players. It turns out one of Musubi's customers, Mimi, is a reporter who needs access to some top-tier information. However, she needs some codes to unlock files. Every "Scarlet Nexus" anime episode gives players a code that they could give to Musubi and in exchange receive random in-game rewards.

As a start, each player was offered the first password CODE, which unlocks 1,000 Kin. For the first top-secret file, the code is Such a liar and players are entitled to receive the visual accessory, which is the Poster Vision Yuito. The second Musubi code from the anime is Tell the truth. Unfortunately, the devs have not yet revealed the corresponding reward of the second musubi code.

Players should take note that the gaming console or PC they are using must be connected to the internet when handing the musubi codes to Mimi. Otherwise, she will just give players her generic spiel. Starting July 1, the "Scarlet Nexus" anime will be available on Funimation's streaming service. The anime's first two episodes are available for free on Funimation's YouTube channel.

"Scarlet Nexus" is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series s.