• "Scarlet Nexus" is now available and gamers can enjoy it on various platforms
  • The game was developed by Bandai Namco Studios
  • There are several methods that players can use to level up fast in "Scarlet Nexus"

To survive in "Scarlet Nexus," the latest single-player title from Bandai Namco, players should keep the characters geared and leveled. In this guide, players can find some tips and tricks on how to level up fast so they won't have to waste too much time doing unnecessary things in the game.

The only way to level up in the game is by killing enemies and gaining Brain Points (BP) points. However, grinding to a higher level mindlessly could be very tedious. BP is the most precious commodity players need to complete the game and leveling up early and fast is crucial if players want to unlock their character's full potential.

There are several ways players can effectively collect BP and level up fast in the game. One of them is fighting the game's main villains—Others. Dealing with them is, by far, the fastest and easiest way to earn enough EXP to level up and earn BP. The more enemies players encounter and defeat, the better.

Another way to level up fast in "Scarlet Nexus" is by advancing through the story. The game's narrative features a lot of phases that reward players with EXP when successfully completed.

Scarlet Nexus features fast-paced combat with a variety of psycho-kinetic powers
Scarlet Nexus features fast-paced combat with a variety of psycho-kinetic powers Bandai Namco

Players should also finish quests to level up in the game fast. Every quest, regardless of whether it's a side one or in the main story, rewards players with a good amount of EXP.

Acquiring Overkill is another way to collect EXP. Since Overkill unlocks in the early part of the game, it is a good source of EXP. To do the Overkill, players just need to hit enemies when their crush gauge is down.

Players can also tap on Brain Drive to earn a good amount of EXP bonus. To activate the Brain Drive, players just need to fill up the Brain Drive Gauge.

Additionally, "Scarlet Nexus" players can backtrack to previous areas if they need to earn more EXP. Enemies respawn in the game each time players enter an area using the World map. This means that backtracking is an endless cycle of EXP farming, and it's a very convenient option for players who want to level up quickly.

For those who missed the official launch trailer of the game, they can check out the video below.