Scope Bacon mouthwash. It's not a combination of words that most people ever expected -- or wanted -- to read.

But it appears that it may be one of the newest dental hygiene to hit the market, if a new viral video and online marketing campaign by the breath-freshening company is to be believed.

A 35-second YouTube video advertisement touting a mouthwash flavored like the popular breakfast meat hit the Web on March 26, and by April 1 it had already received more than 470,000 views. Click play below to check out the viral sensation for yourself:

Folks who find out about Scope Bacon mouthwash on April 1 may assume it's just another corporate April Fool's Day prank, but the product has been on the market for several days, so there's likely a little bit more to the story than just a holiday gag.

The concept of Scope Bacon piggybacks on the recent trend to offer bacon everything. From bacon-flavored envelopes to bacon condoms (yikes), it seems like you can buy a bacon-flavored version of any product under the sun.

And now that list appears to have been expanded to include Scope mouthwash. The video is a well-produced, hilarious tour de force that takes viewers on a trip through the history of bacon products both real and fake, concluding with the introduction of the gargle.

"Now, what could possibly top Bacon Level 10? Why it's none other than Bacon Level 11: Scope Bacon, for breath that sizzles," the video's narrator intones.

And if it's a fake invention "introduced" by Procter & Gamble -- the maker of the Scope product line -- the company is not showing its hand just yet.

In fact, Scope has gone so far as to provide details on the product that seem to suggest that it's a real thing that will be showing up on supermarket shelves sometime in the near future:

"Scope Bacon is the newest addition to our line of products," a description on the product's official website reads. "It tastes like bacon, while still killing 99.9% of bad breath germs. And, it keeps your breath minty fresh 5 times longer than brushing alone."

An FAQ section expands further on the product's history, background and more, explaining that it won't leave your breath reeking of pork, instead it just tastes like it, while your breath will smell "minty fresh."

It also explains that no pigs are harmed in the making of the odd product, and that "a perfectly healthy synthetic flavoring" is behind the taste of the wash.

And in case you were wondering, Scope Bacon mouthwash is by no means going to replace your morning breakfast:

"No. Scope Bacon contains zero nutritional value and does not serve as an acceptable substitute for food," the FAQ explains.

Scope Bacon is going viral via social media and other means, and it is being accompanied on Twitter by the #scopebacon hashtag, so be sure to check it out, as it is easily one of the weirdest products we've heard of in recent years.