At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers stocked up on essential items so much so that grocery store shelves were bare. While restocking efforts have eliminated most of the shortages, a second wave of pandemic buying is expected that could make some essentials are hard to find again, CNN reported.

Grocery stores across the country are stockpiling essential items such as cold remedies and cleaning supplies as a second wave of the virus is expected to hit amid flu season. Grocers were previously stocking for a week ahead, now they are stockpiling items for the long term, in expectation of shortages that could occur if panic buying ensues again, CNN said.

Grocers such as Southeastern Grocers stocked up on turkeys and hams for the holidays while United Natural Foods purchased larger volumes of herbal tea and cold remedies in preparation for flu season, The Wall Street Journal reported. Associated Food Stores told the news outlet that its stockpiling includes extra cleaning and sanitizing products at its warehouses.

“We will never again operate our business as unprepared for something like this,” Darin Peirce, vice president of retail operations at Associated Food Stores, told The Wall Street Journal.

While many items are still available on store shelves today, they are not always the brand that consumers are used to buying. Clorox Wipes are still in high demand and are not expected to return to stores until 2021, even though other brands now grace store shelves. Paper towels are also a hot commodity, selling out on Amazon and at Costco.

With the anticipated surge in buying, prices are also expected to increase as some essential items become scarce. Grocery costs have been growing for consumers as they spend more time eating at home amid the coronavirus pandemic as many restaurant dining rooms remain closed.

A woman shops for fruit at a supermarket in South Burlington, Vermont, Sept. 21, 2017. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images