"Sekiro Shadows Die Twice" was just released and players are now traveling through a dark and bleak twist on feudal Japan. In service to its fans, the developers have prepared some new surprises while keeping some familiar features in this new game. Here’s what we know about this new game’s features.

According to the game’s post on the PlayStation Blog, FromSoftware and Activision have prepared some features similar to their previous work such as the “Dark Souls” series and “Bloodborne.”  Bonfires are replaced with Sculptor’s Idols which act as a safe haven for the player to rest up, refill his supplies, and upgrade their character.

Moreover, the maps in "Sekiro" are confirmed to have shortcuts where players can return to these safe areas after venturing deep and far into the large, sprawling, and dangerous areas in the game. In previous FromSoftware games, these shortcuts are often locked doors on the other side and one-way routes to a safe spot. The shortcuts in "Sekiro" are said to take form as one-way doors and others.

Meanwhile, "Sekiro" brings some fresh gameplay to the Soulsborne genre formula as it introduces bonuses to stealth. In the previous games, stealthy gameplay only assured getting the jump on enemies with a backstab or easily proceed to an advantageous position. In "Sekiro," sneaking up on enemies would allow the player to eavesdrop on them which will yield precious info that could help them fight upcoming battles better or progress in the map. However, many Soulsborne veterans would often go for kill against an unwary foe to keep their routes safer which would make this habit a slightly difficult to learn.

Lastly, "Sekiro" has also blessed the player with better movement through the character’s Shinobi prosthesis and grappling hook. Players can now climb buildings and other high places unlike the previous FromSoftware projects that limited players from traversing streets, stairs, and corridors while fearing falling from great heights. In addition to this new feature, areas are confirmed to be sprawling which would allow great use of this new feature.

"Sekiro Shadows Die Twice" was just released this March 22. If you’re a longtime fan or just want to try this new game from the creators of a difficult game, it’s best to snag a copy as soon as possible for this hard but fulfilling experience.