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If you have an iPhone 5 and you’re planning to upgrade when the new iPhone is released, you’re in luck. You’re likely to get as much as 70 percent of the original price of the iPhone 5 16GB, according to ThePriceGeek.com.

However, if you own a model with more memory, you’re less likely to recoup as much cash. The 32GB version of the iPhone 5 is currently going for 66 percent of its original value.

The same goes for earlier iPhone models -- models with the least memory tend to retain value best.

Here’s an infographic that charts how much you can expect to get for your old iPhone if you sell right now. Prices will likely drop further, closer to Sept. 10, the anticipated release date of the next-generation iPhone.

Selling Your Old iPhone
Turns out, 16GB iPhones retain value better than iPhones with more memory. IBTimes/Lisa Mahapatra