A 62-year-old man was arrested for allegedly filling a lubricant dispenser with hydrochloric acid Saturday at a sex club in Australia.

The suspect, whose name has not yet been released, was charged for administering a poison with intent to injure or cause pain to patrons at Aarows, a gay and bi social club in northwest Sydney, BBC News reported.  He was also charged with entering a building with intent, malicious damage. After checking his identification, police discovered the man was driving while suspended, which he is also facing charges for.

The club, which originated in Blacktown NSW in 1990 markets itself as Sydney’s 24-hour “premiere health, recreation and social center, where safe sex is permitted regardless of gender,” featuring private rooms and a “voyeur area.”

The man set off the lubricant dispenser’s alarm, which authorities say was put in place at Aarows’ due to past tampering. Security was able to detain the man before police arrived. A police spokesman told Australia’s Daily Telegraph that a motive had not yet been determined. However, there was “no indication of hate motivation to date.” No injuries were reported.

Hydrochloric acid is an acidic solution of the gas hydrogen chloride in water. It is a highly corrosive substance, which can cause severe burns and even fatal damage when in contact with skin.

Following his arrest, the suspect was granted conditional bail. He is due to appear before a judge in the Parramatta Local Court on Sept. 20.

This isn’t the first incident of violence against gays to take place at Aarows. The club has been the scene of a parking lot shooting after an Islamic extremist attempted to murder a 52-year-old man outside of Aarows in May 2013. The victim survived the shooting attack, but he did suffer from gunshot wounds to his groin, back and leg.