• “Sifu” rewards patience and constant repetition of previous encounters
  • Playing defense goes a long way to preserving death counters 
  • Movement-related skills should take priority over the rest

There’s more to “Sifu” than just punching bad guys with flashy martial arts. Many players agree that the game is incredibly hard. It often demands perfect execution, with each battle allowing only a very small margin of error.

To beat the system, players must be familiar with the controls, combos and moves of every enemy type in the game. The game can eventually be conquered with a little bit of luck and a lot of perseverance, but getting to that point doesn’t have to be as hard as it should.

Here’s a collection of tips to help players become better in “Sifu.

Crowd Control is Essential

Shoves, pushes, kicks and leg sweeps are all useful for creating space and keeping enemies stunned or knocked down. This won’t necessarily take them out of the fight, but it will allow players a bit more breathing room as they take care of the rest of the goons.

Unlock Mobility Skills First

Crotch Punch, Snap Kick, Chasing Strikes and Chasing Trip Kick are the best skills to unlock first in “Sifu.” These will help in chasing after enemies that have been knocked back, allowing for easy follow-up hits. Forward-pushing moves are also very useful against bosses and other agile enemies.

Sifu pays homage to a number of famous fight scenes in films
Sifu pays homage to a number of famous fight scenes in films Sifu

Prioritize Defense Over Offense

Since the player is always outnumbered, the defense should be prioritized over all-out attacks. Be prepared to dodge, parry and counter multiple enemies at once and always try to keep damage taken to a minimum.

One useful tip to remember is that Takedowns will grant players a brief moment of invincibility and negate any incoming attack throughout the animation. Just be careful since taking down targets may sometimes power them up instead.

Violence Isn’t Always The Answer

Not every enemy deserves to get punched in the face. Instead of blatantly attacking everyone, try to see if they attack first. For example, the fighters leading to the three trials in The Club will only attack the player if they pull the first punch. The trial adjudicator during the first trial is also non-hostile as long as players don’t attack her or pick the red dialogue option.