When talk turns to tech, it usually turns to the booming business and unicorns of Silicon Valley. But Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where tech is exploding in game-changing ways. North of the border, tech companies in Canada based in Toronto and the Guelph-Waterloo region are stirring up excitement in what has become known as Silicon Valley North. Why is it worth it to pay attention to Canadian tech in 2020? Because of companies like these.


Imagine if there were no time differences to worry about when contacting international departments and colleagues within your company. While science has yet to figure out the time travel necessary for that to happen, Zoom.ai has provided the next best thing: connecting everyone through one app to schedule, set up and sign on for conferences, calls and meetings in one place while keeping track of appointments and meeting conflicts.

The most impressive thing about this app is that it can search and find the best time for everyone to meet in under a minute, meaning no more extended e-mail chains or comparing the calendars of everyone in marketing to find a half-hour that suits everyone’s schedule. It will also directly interface with your CRM or ATS to give an extra productivity boost.


Quantum computing is set to be the next groundbreaking advancement in computer science since computers were first invented. And Xanadu.ai is at the forefront of this movement, having built the world’s first practical quantum computer.

Quantum computing processes enormous amounts of interlocking data almost simultaneously by using qubits. Qubits exceed the binary code that current computers use, which means they can be one, or zero, or both at the same time. This opens up possibilities for processing untold amounts of interlocking, complex data almost instantaneously.

If a classical computer were to search the phone book, it would search each number line by line looking for the match. A quantum computer would look at all the numbers at the same time, speeding up the computing process and allowing for incredible amounts of data to be analyzed concurrently. Xanadu.ai has a goal of offering lower-priced quantum computing solutions that a whole new generation of businesses and consumers can access.


StickerYou is disrupting the traditional print industry by allowing consumers to create their own custom stickers, labels, decals, temporary tattoos and more in any shape, any size, and any quantity using an online stickermaker. Traditional printers mainly offer large runs, meaning customers either buy much more than they need, or spend exorbitant amounts for smaller runs. StickerYou’s customized stickers and ordering process allow customers to order as few as one, or as many as they like, for a reasonable price.

Stickers and labels may not seem like must-have items, but take a look around. Any business needs labels and stickers - they adorn products ranging from wine bottles to air conditioners. Stickers and labels are big business - the global label industry alone generates upwards of $70 billion per year. Opening up the potential for anyone to order in whatever amount of stickers they need and customized to exact preferences is revolutionary.

StickerYou also recently opened the world’s largest sticker store in Toronto, Canada.

Pivot Furniture

When people talk about sustainability, they rarely mention furniture. But Pivot Furniture pairs sustainability and comfort in a subscription service that gives customers access to excellent furniture without the hassle of tossing out old pieces and buying new ones. It’s a simple sidestep to purchasing new furniture for every move, and keeps old pieces of furniture out of the landfill and in homes where they belong.

Customers can furnish living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, and accessorize with lamps, throws, rugs and more. All pieces are returnable, people can choose to purchase items they absolutely love and can cancel the subscription plan at any time.

This is just a small sampling of the amazing things happening in Canadian tech. Silicon Valley North is filled with innovation, disruption and optimization. It’s the perfect place to find that next great investment opportunity.