The New Siri on iOS 7.1 Courtesy Apple

Individuals in Toronto looking for escorts keep finding themselves at an eSports bar thanks to a quirk in Siri’s algorithm. It’s unclear why the mix up is occurring but the owners of Meltdown eSports Bar in Toronto’s Little Italy have been getting late night calls for escorts.

Meltdown is an eSports bar, where customers eat drink and watch or play eSport video games. One of the owners, Alvin Acyapan, who gets business calls to his cell phone, told The Star that since the bar opened in November, he’s been getting calls from people looking for prostitutes. Prostitution was outlawed in Canada in 2014.

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One called mentioned that they got the number from Siri, so The Star did some research. When Siri was asked to find the contact for “escorts,” “prostitutes” or “hookers” the contact info for the eSports bar was provided. Acyapan theorized that the confusion may be in the pronunciation of escorts and eSports, but Apple hasn’t responded to his inquires so the mix up is still somewhat a mystery.

Siri’s workings are kept fairly secret so it’s hard to know whether or not the pronunciation is to blame for the mix ups. For now Acyapan finds humor in is, but he may need to eventually change his number if the calls get out of hand he told The Star.