A sloth bear was allegedly beaten to death after the animal mauled to people in the Indian state of Telangana. According to local reports, the sloth bear strayed into Kannapur village and injured two people.

According to J Vasantha, divisional forest official of Kamareddy district, upon noticing the slot bear, most of the villagers escaped to safety, but two people were unable to flee and were mauled by the animal. A team of forest officials was sent to the location to rescue the animal. However, before they arrived, villagers panicked and beat the animal to death with sticks and boulders.

The two persons, who were mauled by the bear, were taken to a government hospital and received medical care. They are still undergoing treatment. The police registered an offense against 25 people for allegedly killing the bear, according to local newspaper The Times of India.

This is a representational image of a bear. AFP / STR

In another incident, a leopard was beaten to death by angry villagers after it attacked a local in the northern Indian state Uttar Pradesh. After attacking the local, the leopard hid in a wheat field but villagers located the animal and encircled it to trap it. Forest officials also arrived at the location after receiving information.

Authorities repeatedly requested the villagers to vacate the areas and allow them to rescue the leopard but the irate mob refused to listen to them. The villagers forced the animal to come out by making noise. Later, they brutally killed it with sticks on the spot.

Earlier this month, a leopard stole a three-year-old boy from his house in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The child's half-eaten body was later recovered from the bushes nearby. According to local reports, residents were asleep when the leopard stealthily sneaked into a house and picked up the boy. When the family members found the boy was missing they started a search. During the early hours, people found the half-eaten body of the boy.