Not everyone is celebrating Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar nominations today.

Dozens of protesters gathered are outside the Mumbai home of Anil Kapoor, the actor who plays the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in the movie, calling the film's title insulting.

I am poor, but don't call me slumdog, said Rekha Dhamji, 18, according to AP.

I don't want to be referred to as a dog, she said.

Other protesters held up banners reading Poverty For Sale, and I am not a dog. One of them carried a puppy.

The movie, a rags-to-riches romance set in Mumbai's notorious slums, got the second highest number of nominations, including best director for Danny Boyle, best picture and two of the three song slots.

It won four categories at the Golden Globes, including the prize for best drama.

Nicholas Almeida, a social activist who organized the protest, plans to file a lawsuit on Friday to get the film's name changed.

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