Brazil Chevron oil leak charges to focus on safety

A Brazilian prosecutor plans to allege this week that Chevron and Transocean should not have drilled a deep-water well that leaked in November, legal documents showed, giving a glimpse into expected criminal charges that could slow the rush to develop Brazil's vast offshore oil wealth.

Mass Effect 3 Ending: Spoilers Leaked by IGN on YouTube [VIDEO] [SPOILER]

On the same day that the highly anticipated third and final title in the Mass Effect video game series was released, IGN, an American website devoted to video games, as well as films and music, posted videos of the three possible endings to Mass Effect 3 on YouTube. Revealing the different ways in which the sci-fi/action in which the player must rally the galaxy to help defend Earth from an invasion by the fearsome and murderous reapers.

Twitter Secretly Collecting Personal Data: Controversy Erupts

Micro-blogging site Twitter's admittance this week that they used to copy and store the entire address book of smartphone users is causing quite a stir. The company has tendered an apology and has indicated that it will update it's privacy policy. But is that enough?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Image Leaked, 'Flexible' Display Stimulates Imagination

The image of Galaxy S3, which is assumed to be Samsung's next generation smartphone, has emerged, according to Hexus. The device has a super slim industrial design and its display looks a bit unique, or rather queer, with a curved design, which is enough to stimulate the imagination of what future smartphones could be.

Water Leak at Fukushima Suspends Cooling Operation

Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant has leaked more than 600 liters of water, forcing it to briefly suspend cooling operations at a spent-fuel pond over the weekend, but none is thought to have escaped into the ocean.


2. Royal Dutch Shell - Netherlands

Shell Abandons Rig After Gulf Coast Leak

Shell confirmed the loss of 319 barrels of drilling fluids from a booster line, which is separated from the actual well bore but provides additional drilling fluids. The company has decided to temporarily abandon the well in order to make needed repairs. The source of the leak is not yet disclosed.
Actress Scarlett Johansson arrives to present at the 83rd annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson Speaks Out on Nude Photo Leak, Marriage, Gossip [VIDEO]

Notoriously secretive actress Scarlett Johansson spoke out last week about her personal life, her divorce with Ryan Reynolds and her nude photo leak earlier this year. When asked about the nude photo leak, Johansson laughed and said, They were out there for all the world to see. Which was, uh, unfortunate, really.