Exxon Mobil Shuts Louisiana Oil Pipeline After Leak

Exxon Mobil Corp has shut the 160,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) North Line crude oil pipeline in Louisiana after a leak spilled 1,900 barrels of crude oil in a rural area over the weekend, affecting a conduit that supplies the nation's third-largest refinery.

Lamborghini SUV: ‘Urus’ Price, Specs, Pictures Leaked [PHOTOS]

Rumors regarding the possibility of a Lamborghini SUV (sports utility vehicle) called the Deimos have been circulating for a while now. All signs suggest that the luxury car company is set to debut its first SUV, but according to China Car Times, the all-terrain powerhouse will be called the Urus, instead, and it will likely make an appearance at the Beijing Auto Show at the end of April.

Starbucks Secret Menu Items: List Of Special Drinks Leaks Online [PHOTOS]

A recent supposedly “secret menu” from Starbucks recently surfaced online, spurring rumors that an entirely different list of deliciously unknown hot and cold beverages are available to customers who are ‘in the know.’ Check out this slideshow of documented photographs of secret Starbucks drinks, along with their ingredients and names.

Royal Dutch Shell Reports Gulf Oil Leak

Royal Dutch Shell on Thursday announced it has deployed an oil spill response vessel in the Gulf of Mexico after a 10-square mile oil sheen appeared near the company's area of operations.

‘Diablo 3’ Release Date 2012: Barbarian Is A ‘One Man Army’ [VIDEO]

Diablo 3, the newest title in Blizzard's action-adventure RPG franchise is set to be released in a little over a month. Details surrounding the game have slowly been revealed, but a new video posted by the company on YouTube shines the spotlight on the Barbarian, featuring new gameplay footage of the one man army with tremendous strength and a noble cause.


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Brazil spots new oil leak as safety worries rise

Brazilian authorities identified a small oil leak off the shores of Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, the latest in a series of spills that has raised safety concerns over the development of some of the world's largest petroleum reserves.