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Amnesty says website blocked after Saudi leak

Amnesty International said its website had been blocked in Saudi Arabia after the rights group published a leaked draft of an anti-terror law and accused the kingdom of planning to use the legislation to crush dissent.

ExxonMobil Oil Spill Hits Yellowstone River

An ExxonMobil pipeline in Montana state ruptured late Friday, which spilled hundreds of barrles of crude oil into the famed Yellowstone River, prompting evacuations of nearby residents.
A North Korean prison policewoman stands guard behind fences at a jail on the banks of Yalu River near the Chongsong county of North Korea

Leaked North Korean files reveal citizens selling human flesh for food

There have been numerous speculations and allegations regarding the reality of North Korean regime through multiple reports, especially defector’s testimonies, but none have been fully verified. However, a leaked official police manual published by the North Korean government officially confirms actual inside stories of the reclusive nation.

Does LulzSec Have a Valid Point Here?

LulzSec just issued something like a manifesto on its website. The full text of it is here. Its message is essentially this: don't be so shocked that it's leaking thousands of user passwords and emails.
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NSA Leak Case Ends in Plea Deal, No Trial

Charges against a former National Security Agency official were seen as part of the Obama administration's attempt to silence whistleblowers through aggressive prosecution.

Google fixes Android data security leak faster than a speeding bullet

It has only been a few days since the potential security flaw that affects 99% of Android devices was discovered, but Google has already announced a fix will start rolling out as soon as today. The flaw could potentially allow hackers to access users' phone data, calendar, and contact apps through an open Wi-Fi network.


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