5 Tips For 'Pokémon Go's' Buddy Update

"Pokémon Go" has a new update rolling out, and it lets players walk with monster buddies. To celebrate the iOS and Android patch, we made a list of five awesome tips about the Buddy System that every trainer must know!

What May Be Coming To 'Pokemon Sun And Moon'

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" leaks are everywhere, and the latest one reveals potential new evolutions, Alola forms and critical gameplay mechanics. The concepts are cool but worth taking with a grain of salt!

5 Things The PS4 Slim Tells Us About PS4 Neo

PS4 Neo is still expected to be revealed next month, and the recent PS4 Slim leak offers up some clues about the new hardware. Here are five things that Sony's redesign tells us about its high-spec alternative.


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5 Reasons ‘Pokemon Go’ Won’t Last

“Pokemon Go” is the latest craze on iOS and Android, but between battery issues, physical effort and a less recognizable roster, Nintendo’s juggernaut may be just a fad. But the breakout success has big implications for the industry.